Animal Cell Under Light Microscope Observation

Observing a wide range of biological processes and animal cell under light microscope is easier due to advances in microscopic techniques. We use microscope comprehensively in microbiology, mineralogy, cell biology, biotechnology, nano physics, microelectronics, pharmacology, and forensics. While observing with tissues or on tissue fragments or free cells in smear tests, medical diagnosis particularly requires

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Animal Cell Functions Nuclear Envelope Definition And Structure

The animal cell functions nuclear envelope or nuclear membrane is membranes that separate nuclei of eukaryotic cells and the cytosol. Separated from the cytosol, a compartment called the nucleus store genetic material in eukaryotic cells. The nuclear envelope is the dual membrane formation that encloses the nucleus and gives genetic storage in eukaryotic cells. Animal

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Animal Cell Functions Lysosome And Definition

Animal cell functions lysosome include as the place for break-down of structures or digestion in the cells. Lysosomes are small bags filled with enzymes that allow the cell to digest nutrients. They also help to destroy possibley harmful structures, useless parts of cells once it has died or break-down living cells in certain condition. A

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Animal Cell Nucleus Function And Definition

Animal cell nucleus function plays the most important role for the cell. There are various number of nuclei, either they are single nucleus (uni-nucleate), two nuclei (bi-nucleate) or multi-nucleate. All eukaryotic cells have Nucleus, few cells such as the mammalian RBCs may do not have. Round is the most common shape of the nucleus, but

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Animal Cell Under Microscope: Structure And Anatomy

Observing plant cell or animal cell under microscope is important as a cell is a very small unit that can’t be seen with your naked eye. They are very tiny than what human eyes can see in general. Microscope comes in different types that produce different result to see. For example, the low power of

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Knowing More about Rabbits the Cute Animals

Rabbits are widely known animals. They are loved because they are cute and fluffy. Some people keep rabbits as pets at home. It is because rabbits are fun to play with. It is believed that some parts of Asia especially all parts of South East Asia including Sumatra is where rabbits originate. You can easily

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Dog biting his leather leash

How to Train Your Dog to Learn on Command

Is your beloved pup easily distracted? Do you find yourself constantly running after him because he barks and runs after every single thing in his sight instead of leisurely walking beside you in your favorite Loxahatchee park? Consider training your dog to “watch” you or “look at” something on command so that he can focus

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Dog motivational training

Puppy Training 101: How to Train Your New Pup The Right Way

First-time puppy owners usually make the mistake of obsessing over getting the best accessories, food, bed, treats, etc. and forget about how they’re going to train their new puppy. While your puppy requires a safe home and a nutritious diet, what you should know right off the bat is that your puppy would be looking

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cat with her food

Do You Know How to Check on Your Cat’s Health?

Animals have diseases and suffer from illnesses like human beings. Just like your pets at home, they may be experiencing diseases that you do not know. One of the top conditions for cats is feline urinary tract disease (FLUTD). One of the common signs that your cat may have this is urinating outside of their

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