Puppy Training 101: How to Train Your New Pup The Right Way

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Puppy Training 101: How to Train Your New Pup The Right Way

First-time puppy owners usually make the mistake of obsessing over getting the best accessories, food, bed, treats, etc. and forget about how they’re going to train their new puppy. While your puppy requires a safe home and a nutritious diet, what you should know right off the bat is that your puppy would be looking to you to be a strong leader of the pack, even if the pack is just you and your puppy so that you could train him effectively. Below are some easy tips to help you train your pup the right way.

Introduce Yourself as The Leader of The Pack

The most vital thing you could do for you and your puppy’s sake is to become the leader of the pack right from the start so that you could train him well, notes a well-known puppy training specialist in Utah. All puppies are hardwired to recognize and follow the leader of the pack. In general, a pack leader is strong and consistent, which are traits that most first-time puppy owners don’t know or seem to forget. Your pup would instantly sense your confidence level and would take the reins if you don’t assert yourself to him. This would result in bad behaviors right from the start such as chewing, excessive barking, anxiety, or leash pulling.

Housebreaking Your New Pup

During the initial days of house training your new pup, you need to make sure that he has a safe spot where he could relieve himself, somewhere that smells and feels familiar. So every morning, you have to bring your pup to this spot, whether outside or inside your home. Consistency is key here so that your pup could learn and remember the habit. Every time your pup successfully relieves himself in the designated spot, you have to reward his good behavior by giving him a treat or a rub. Never punish your pup if he doesn’t relieve himself in the designated spot to avoid creating negative associations with relieving himself. Just remain calm and direct your pup to where he’s supposed to go.

Woman training her dogWalking Your New Pup

Always walk in front of your pup to reinforce the idea that you’re the pack leader. Otherwise, if you let your pup control the walk, he’ll think he’s the leader. Allow your pup to walk behind or beside you, but never in front, and you should always be the first to go out and inside the house.

Visiting The Vet

One of the most crucial foundations of excellent health for your pup is professional healthcare. It’s vital that your pup eats a nutritious diet and maintains an exercise plan to remain balanced and healthy. Your vet could likewise educate you on preventive care, emergency care, and common conditions that you would face when caring for a puppy.

Yes, puppy training could be very overwhelming to new pup owners. Luckily, the tips above could help you in training and maintaining a well-balanced and obedient put right from the start. If you have an especially spirited pup, however, don’t hesitate to ask a pro trainer for help.

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