Animal Cell Under Microscope: Structure And Anatomy

Animal Cell Under Microscope: Structure And Anatomy

Observing plant cell or animal cell under microscope is important as a cell is a very small unit that can’t be seen with your naked eye. They are very tiny than what human eyes can see in general. Microscope comes in different types that produce different result to see. For example, the low power of microscope allow you see the onion cells that look like bricks of a parapet wall while the high power of microscope lets you see it differently. Animals, microorganisms, plants, and human beings are all living beings in the universe that have something common though thousands of differences are present.

In 1938, plenty of cells information was revealed by Theodor Schwann, a German zoologist, and Matthias Schleiden, a Belgium botanist. The cell theory was discovered by these 2 scientists, the plant cell theory was discovered by Schleiden while Schwann discovered animal cell under microscope. This Cell theory was contributed by many scientists later due to this turning point of Biology.

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Animal Cell Under Microscope: Observation

There are millions of tiny cells to make up human being, but it will be painful to take out several cells in your hand or leg. Actually the cells in your mouth can be taken out easily though it will be painful to take any cell out. Epithelial Cells surround the internal surface of the mouth which can be taken out using finger nails or a small spoon. You can observe this epithelial animal cell under microscope with high power. Within the cell, there is a shape of round with a circular structure of granulated part on the epithelial cells. The granulated area is the cell Cytoplasm while the huge round part is the Nucleus. They are all typical elements of a cell. When observing onion cells, there is the Cell Surface Membrane which is present in all living cells.

Animal Cell Under Microscope: Comprehensive Structure

There are various tasks done by a cell to complete them as the cell is the basic purposeful and structural part of living beings. A cell is unique one another. Function cell does in the body dictate the change and adaptation done by cell structure called Division of Labor which occurs in all living organisms. You can see the case why there is a thicker skin on the palm than the skin of your face. This is because it is intended to hold items so there are lots of cells in the palm. When you see different parts of animal cell under microscope, you will see different shapes and colors that represent different function of cells.

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