Visiting the World’s Greatest Gardens

In Search of Paradise: Visiting the World’s Greatest Gardens

The garden holds an important place in cultures across the globe. As civilizations and man-made environments transformed, the garden evolved to have different meanings, as well. The Persians called it the “bridge connecting the worlds of matter and meaning.” Francis Bacon described it as the “purest of human pleasures,” and the greatest refreshment to the

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Creating a Wildlife Sanctuary in Your Backyard

Featured Image from: Eracaperealty When we think of a wildlife sanctuary, we envision an ancient woodland where all sorts of creatures take up residence in different levels of vegetation. Birds and squirrels gliding from one tree to another, preys and predators hopping about in the understory, fungi and bacteria eating off deadwood and critters and

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A Guide to Starting a Hobby Farm

So you’ve purchased a few acres of land, steered clear of deed restrictions,obtained the permits to start a farm, andyou’re inches away from living off the land, what’s next? Running a farm is often the endgame for many nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. There’s just nothing more rewarding than growing your own food and raising

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