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The perfect garden is more than just adding plants, flowers, and bushes to a yard. It’s about adding both hard and softscape elements and bringing them together for a harmonious, visually-appealing aesthetic that can improve the exterior of commercial and residential properties.

Or perhaps you want to focus less on appeal and more on efficiency in your produce garden. Whether it’s in a greenhouse or an orchard, you just want to know if you’re doing the best you can for maximum results.

The Greatest Garden can help. We share tips of the trade and the latest news and products in the industry that could help you achieve your desired garden.

Jocelyn Enriquez

Jocelyn is a gardener and landscaper to the stars, serving the upscale homes around California. She’s been working in the gardening industry for almost a decade and is known for growing her own flowers, including a greenhouse full of rare flowers to meet her customers’ aesthetic needs.  

Her eye for landscaping has made her one of the most sought-out landscapers in her city. During her free time, she enjoys flower arrangements and designing costumes for her daughter.

Tony Gavinson

Tony helped his father with their landscaping company when he was still a kid. By the time he grew up and took the reins of the business, Tony turned it into a thriving and successful company after decades of hard work. He was able to sell his business at a high price and retire at an early age with his wife.

He now spends his free time reading on current events, writing articles about the commercial landscaping industry, and watching his favorite television shows about house flipping and real estate.

Margaret Lipton

Margaret graduated with a degree in agriculture, which has helped her in her job as a supervisor of an organic produce company. She oversees at least 20 commercial greenhouses a day, five days a week to make sure they are operating at its best. So far, she’s doing a pretty good job.

When she’s not supervising, she enjoys getting her hands dirty in her own garden at home. She’s a mother to three: Jasper, Julie, and their dog, Elmo.

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