Knowing More about Rabbits the Cute Animals

Knowing More about Rabbits the Cute Animals

Rabbits are widely known animals. They are loved because they are cute and fluffy. Some people keep rabbits as pets at home. It is because rabbits are fun to play with. It is believed that some parts of Asia especially all parts of South East Asia including Sumatra is where rabbits originate. You can easily find more information about where rabbits are believed to come from in Wikipedia.

How Rabbits Live

Understanding a rabbit’s history is a long way back. Rabbits have big incisor teeth which makes them sometimes be classified in the same category as rodents. It was once debated because another study proved that the similarities of the teeth were because of evolution, not the DNA. However, later, a DNA test was held and it showed that rabbits and rodents had the same genes. It is also believed that some parts of rabbits’ bodies are the evolution of predators’ body parts. It is because they have long ears which detecting predators usually have. The ears are used to detect anything which comes around them. Even though rabbits may be predators which have evolved, they are also prey animals. Thus, wherever they live, whether it is in the meadows or forests, they live in a group. If there is a threat, a rabbit will warn the others by thumping.

What Rabbits are for Instead of being kept as pets, rabbits are also bred for meat. It is because rabbit’s meat is delicious. It has the same texture as that of chicken, but it is leaner. In Chinese restaurants, it is usually used in Sichuan cooking. It is cooked in various ways such barbeque and stewed rabbits. It is also richer in vitamins compared to meat from other animals.

The amount of proteins and minerals in it are also high. Some markets in UK even sell frozen meat of rabbits. However, nowadays, more and more people like to keep rabbits as pets. They do not want to use it as the source of meat. It is because they realize that rabbits are good companions. Therefore, they treat rabbits as well as they can. They regularly have the rabbits injected by vaccine and fed. If you are one of those who have rabbits as pets, you may want to visit the website You can find a lot of products for your rabbits including the hutch. The hutch is made of the best materials that it can last for a long time.

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