How To Decor With Flower Garden Accessories

How To Decor With Flower Garden Accessories

Making flower garden accessories is a pleasant thing. It is commonly done when you want to hold a garden party, wedding party, outdoor ceremony or birthday party. Making a fairy garden can be the simplest and quick thing if you want to hire a professional.

A party organizer commonly includes flower garden accessories to make the feast. It might spend much fund, and if you feel you have no own flower gardens, order the bucket of flowers and its accessories can be the more expensive. There are some tricks to decor your garden to be fairy. It is a free option for you to choose among plastic flowers, real or combination the both. The following are some ways to make a fairy garden with flower garden accessories.

Determine Theme

At first you need to determine theme of the outdoor party. If this decoration intends to the adult, make flower garden accessories with a calm and romantic sense, otherwise, if it is intended for children, the decoration style is free. Make clutters made from flower stalk and crowns might be interesting. Combination between plastic and real flowers could be suitable since the real flowers are hung on the top, while the plastic one placed under children’s reach.  Most of children can damage the real flowers if they are placed around them.


Photo credits from Head Lee Nursery
Photo credits from Head Lee Nursery

While if the theme is romantic for couples, consider a bucket of flowers symbolize the romantic feeling like red roses and jasmines. If the party isn’t too big, DIY Flower Garden Accessories decoration might be prevails. Be sure to preserve the freshness of the flower with alcohol till the event ends. For adult party, be sure that the color is in monotonous, don’t mix many flowers with different colors because it will look so freak. And then, mix and match the attendance’s clothes with the mostly flower’s color.

Photo credits from Home Stratosphere

Be Creative To Build Flower Garden Accessories

Creativity and innovation is needed, especially if the decoration is done by DIY, everything can be easier to decor freely as you want. Use unused items and equipments to make flower garden accessories.  Place a variety of plastic flowers on the netting made by DIY, the unused bottles and tires can be used to place a real flower crops and then hang them in specified areas. A garden party seem look so beautiful with this decoration theme.

Well, we hope that DIY Flower Garden Accessories tips above can add the beauty of your fairy garden.

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