Do You Know How to Check on Your Cat’s Health?

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Do You Know How to Check on Your Cat’s Health?

Animals have diseases and suffer from illnesses like human beings. Just like your pets at home, they may be experiencing diseases that you do not know. One of the top conditions for cats is feline urinary tract disease (FLUTD). One of the common signs that your cat may have this is urinating outside of their litter boxes. Surely, you’ve been frustrated if your cat does this, but it may be suffering from a serious medical condition that may require you to purchase cat food for urinary problems.

If you don’t want your pet to go through this painful problem, you need to observe their behavior at home. Here are some things you need to watch and take note to determine if your cat is suffering from FLUTD or some other illness.


Brandon Forder, the Vice President of Canadian Pet Connection, explained that cats are animals that follow certain behavioral habits, the slightest change could be a sign that there must be something wrong.

Apart from looking at their litter boxes, you might as well check on their appetite, drinking pattern, the sounds they make, especially if they have changed their eating habits.

Physical Appearance

Check for any discoloration in any part of their body – from their eyes, noses, to their paws. If there are discharges from their eyes or nose, or even a foul smell coming from their ears and mouth, it’s best to take your pet to the vet.

Weight Loss

If your cat is losing a significant amount of weight, you need to be concerned about its health. It may be having difficulty in eating. Try to do a home check and see if your cat’s tongue has a healthy color (it should be pink.) If it is a red one, do get the help of a veterinarian to check on your cat. In some cases, dental diseases may also cause your cat to eat less or even refuse to eat. A dental check-up with your vet is also necessary so that it won’t lead to another health problem.


If your cat is limping while walking, but see no visible injury, you should bring your cat for a checkup, so the vet could check what is wrong. But if your pet is not as active as before, it could also be a sign of a possible illness. But make sure that this lack of energy appears with other symptoms.

You can hold them and run your hands through their body. If you see that your cat is reacting negatively to a certain part of its body, then have them checked right away with your vet.

Pet owners need to be responsible for their pets. They act as caretakers for these domesticated animals, and they are responsible for ensuring they are healthy and happy. Part of that responsibility is to make sure that they have the proper medical treatment when they need it. A regular visit to the vet is a good way to ensure that your furry friend is as healthy as you.

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