Cell Function And Structure Of Animal

Cell Function And Structure Of Animal

There is almost the same cell function and structure between plant and animal though they are distinguished into animal cells and plant cells. Cells are units that form all living organisms. Cell membrane is a protective membrane that encloses all the cells but there is more cell wall in plant cells.

Cellular organelles are certain organelles that are bound within membrane in the cells. The survival of the cell is mainly affected by the ability to perform certain activities of these organelles. The organism will survive if there is coordination of all cells function together with each other. The diverse cell organelles perform the functions of animal cell. The organelles of the cell control the activities of the cell and perform as a unit. Here are the organelles of the cells and their functions.

Cell Function And Structure: Nucleus

The cell is centrally controlled by the nucleus. The cell contains the hereditary material of the organism. The nucleus of the cell is the place for the synthesis of RNA and replication of DNA. The other cellular organelles activities are also regulated in it.


The cell is powered by the mitochondria. The process of cellular respiration takes place in this organelle so the energy productions for cell function and structure. ATP is the result of the energy produced.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Certain products transported in and out of the nucleus through a network called the ER (Endoplasmic Reticulum).

Golgi Apparatus

The cells synthesize the molecules that are processed and packaged in Golgi Apparatus. There are primary, secondary, and tertiary proteins developed by the Golgi apparatus from the crude proteins transported by the ER.


Ribosomes are functioning as protein synthesis in cell function and structure.


Lysosomes’ function is to cleaning the cell. There are digestive enzymes produced to break down unwanted waste materials from the cell function and structure. The damaged cells are damaged materials they overcome. They also absorb food elements and attack microorganisms.


Overload water or food stored in large storage organelles called Vacuole.

Animal Cell Functions

The cellular organelles help the animal cells to carry out range of activities. The cell is a unit with its own function and it forms tissues when groups together. An organ is formed from a group of tissues with similar function. Organ system is formed from a group of organ of specific function. Therefore, the survival of the organism is based on the activities and synchronization of the basic unit that is formed from the microscopic cell function and structure.

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