Cell Diagram Quiz: Tips For Learning Successfully

Cell Diagram Quiz: Tips For Learning Successfully

You will be able to learn organelles of an animal cell with cell diagram quiz. The cell is the basic unit of life so it could be the most important idea in natural science. Cell works together to form living organism. There are microscopic cells that make our body that can only be viewed under a microscope. There are many similar characteristics of cells that make up all the animals and plants. Cell membranes, RNA to pass genetic information to the ribosome, DNA to stock up information, and protein that is decoded from the RNA are all present in all cells separating them from the external surroundings.

Cell Diagram Quiz With Cell Membrane

The cell membrane is a phospholipid membrane with two layer that divides the cell from external surroundings. It has phospholipids with a hydrophilic head polar and a hydrophobic tail polar. These polarity forms a structure with all hydrophobic tails at the inside separating the aqueous inside and outside of the cell in cell diagram quiz. There are proteins dot on the cell membrane. The transmembrane proteins exceed from beginning to end of the membrane, while peripheral proteins only exceed to one side of the bi-layer. There are only small hydrophobic water, molecules, and gas that may disseminate easily through the hydrophobic inner with transmembrane proteins so they help to transport compounds and substances through the lipid membrane.


The nucleus is the core of the cell to store DNA and translate the RNA. There is only one nucleus in cell. There is nucleolus inside the nucleus which is a structure where ribosome is produced.


Mitochondria generate the energy currency of the cell called ATP that is why the organelle is often referred to as the cell’s powerhouse in cell diagram quiz. There is a very much folded inner membrane in Mitochondria that produce ATP through the enzymatic reactions occurred on its surface. The matrix is the interior of the two membranes. The intermembrane space is the space flanked by the two membranes. Cristae are the folds formed by the internal membrane. There is DNA for Mitochondria itself which translate the enzymes codes used within the mitochondria.

Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

ER is the system of membranes that help to fold and circulate proteins in cell diagram quiz. Smooth ER does not have ribosomes while Rough ER has. Ribosomes are structures that produce proteins made of ribosomal RNA and protein.

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Golgi Apparatus

This organelle helps modifying and casing proteins in cell diagram quiz.

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