Be a Responsible Homeowner: Energy-Saving Tips for 2019

Energy Efficiency for your home

Be a Responsible Homeowner: Energy-Saving Tips for 2019

If you notice a sudden increase in your utility bills, it’s time to inspect your home. Sometimes, it only requires a few upgrades and maintenance to solve this problem. As a responsible homeowner, you need to find ways on how to cut down your energy consumption.

News Breakthroughs

The United States has reached the highest level of energy consumption since 2008. Due to high-temperature fuel supply constraints, the price for wholesale electricity increases.

In most areas served by the California Independent System Operator or CAISO, the peak period starts from July to September, which can average to $101 per MWh. According to experts, this is the highest monthly average since April 2009.

On the other hand, peaked-period electricity rates at Mid-Columbia, and Palo Verde trading hub in Arizona averaged about $72 per MWh to $90 MWh.

Energy Efficiency Campaigns

Apart from raising awareness, there are now several program options for joint local government and utility action. Some of the programs include appliance recycling, building codes and appliance standards, building labelling or disclosure, financial incentives, residential retrofit programs, and many more.

Home Energy Efficiency

Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners:


Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels has helped many residents with their utility bills. In addition, this also helps reduce the use of fossil fuels and pollution; which plays a vital role in the environment.

Before the installation, solar companies will evaluate your location to ensure you have enough sun exposure. Keep in mind that solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity.

Check your Appliances

Air conditioner and the heating systems are some of the main appliances with the biggest usage. Make sure these machines are working efficiently. Sometimes, a malfunctioning heating system is one of the reasons you’re using the device too much.

Upgrade your Lighting System

If you’re still using the outdated lighting system with high wattages, don’t expect to reduce your energy costs. The Department of Energy recommends switching to LED, compact fluorescent, and halogen incandescent for outdoors. You can also look for Energy-Star labelled products. Many homeowners today also install fixtures with automated daylight shut-off and motion sensors.

Be a Responsible User

Simple things like unplugging the household appliances when not in use can make a big difference. Make it a habit to every family member to be a responsible user. Put up some signs if necessary. If you travel a lot, consider installing a universal timer to avoid power wastage.

Improve Airflow in your Home

Maintaining a comfortable room temperature is another way to save energy. Start inspecting your vents and windows. Consider adding more exhaust fans to humid areas like the attic and bathrooms. This allows you to reduce using the air conditioner or your heating system.

These are just some tips. There are many other ways that can help you conserve energy. Start with the simplest tasks. Sometimes, the root cause of this problem is due to irresponsible usage. Be a responsible consumer with your energy and avoid unexpected hikes in your electric bill.

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