Animal Cell Analogy: How To Understand Animal Cell Better

Animal Cell Analogy: How To Understand Animal Cell Better

Animal cell analogy can help you understand better. It could be difficult to understand animal cell structure and function with its lots of different organelles. So, using analogy as if a cell as a whole hospital, it could help you learn its organelles and function.


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Animal Cell Analogy For Nucleus

You may consider the hospital administration has the same duty with the nucleus of an animal cell. Activities happening in the hospital are managed by the hospital administration and the nucleus handles everything in the cell as the main core.

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The nucleolus mainly gives out all of the other organelles that function within the cell as it is the core of the nucleus. The chief person in the hospital’s administration is the CEO and he does the same as the nucleolus dealing the entire administration.


There are loops of 9 sets of microtubules as part of the cytoskeleton in the cell called centrioles. Centrioles help the growth of the cell. The builders and architects are animal cell analogy for Centrioles as they help the hospitals to expand.

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Golgi Apparatus

Important packages of information and products are transported around the cell by the Golgi. The animal cell analogy for Golgi is the mail department in hospital as it packs everything to be sent away from the hospital.


To prevent infection from the bad bacteria that harm the cell, the cell have organelle that is responsible for this called the lyosome. The hospitals incinerator has the same duty to the organelle as it wipes out all the biohazard waste and infection that could be dangerous to the hospital’s population.

Cell Membrane

Harmful things are repelled and helpful things are accepted with the protection and task of the cell membrane. The doors and outer walls of hospital share the same function as the cell membrane. Only employees can go through the employee entrance doors.


The cell gets power or energy from the primary energy source called the mitochondria. The animal cell analogy for mitochondria is the hospital’s electricity.


Harmful things are cleaned up and waste is excreted by the vacuole. The housekeeping staff in hospital is how you describe the vacuole as he throw away the trash and clear out all of the waste in the hospital.


In amino acis chains, proteins are added by the Ribosomes. The doctors give medicines and treatments for patients. So, the patients are like the proteins in the cells, and animal cell analogy for ribosomes is the hospital’s doctors.

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