The Top Five Spots to Go Boating in Michigan

Lake Michigan from above

The Top Five Spots to Go Boating in Michigan

Michigan is United States’ center for classic boating and the leading destination for many boating enthusiasts. It is home to the Great Lakes and boasts of the country’s longest freshwater shoreline that spans over 3,000 miles. The state offers a rich boating history, which is said to have blossomed around the late 1900s and early 20th century.

Michigan boat builders made a mark in history by creating speedy runabouts liked by rum runners of the Prohibition Era to the creation of landing crafts for allied forces during World War II. Later on, merchants like Henry Ford brought boat ownership to a brand new level with its masterfully crafted boats. Pontoon boats are also all the rage in Michigan, and you will see plenty of them on any given day.

If you love boating, here are the top boating spots worth visiting here in Michigan.

Torch Lake in Alden

Torch Lake is known as the most beautiful lake in the world. It looks like the Caribbean with its pristine blue and multi-tone hue waters. Torch is Michigan’s longest lake, spanning about 18 miles. It is the perfect spot for sailing and power boating. It is also said to be Michigan’s deepest and clearest lake.

Lake Huron in Les Cheneaux Islands

Lake Huron is a popular tourist destination in Michigan and is the leading chain for all 36 islands. Every August, the place hosts an antique wood boat show, and the lake would be teeming with beautiful wooden boats that attract tourists and boating enthusiasts from all over the country. The colorful and beautiful boathouses in the place are also tour-worthy.

Spring Lake and Lake Michigan in Grand Haven

The rich boating history of Spring and Michigan lakes dates as far back as the days when fur trading was done in waters. These lakes are also a popular port for vacationing ferries and passenger lines plying to and from Michigan. Spring Lake and Lake Michigan are also known as the “Coast Guard City” of the U.S.

Lake Charlevoix in Charlevoix and Boyne City

Lake Charlevoix is known as “where the gods swim,” owing to the clarity and color of the lake. It is home to many power boaters and sailors who prefer Italian boat designs. Each year, the Venetian Festival is observed here, showcasing many candle-lit boats parading in the mighty Lake Charlevoix waters.

Gull Lake in Battle Creek

Gull Lake is famous for its deep and clear waters, mostly due to its close proximity to the densely populated Chicago. The place is lined with vacation homes and cottages and is perfect for scuba diving and boating. There is a yacht club in Gull Lake that offers sailboat racing every weekend, which attracts tons of visitors and onlookers. The surface is quite an attraction, too. Each year, many tourists come and visit Battle Creek for its many festivals and celebrations.

If you are a boating enthusiast or someone who just loves to watch boats, you will definitely get your fill in Michigan.

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