Successfully Grow Trees at Home with 2 Secrets

Beautiful house with plants and trees

Successfully Grow Trees at Home with 2 Secrets

While most homeowners dream of creating a beautiful garden around their properties, only a handful of them do it to perfection. Affordable Tree Care, an expert in tree planting and trimming in Murray, will say the same. It takes a lot of effort to plant trees and get them to grow healthily, but even more to do so while at the same time make sure they grow beautifully.

While there’s no denying that there’s considerable pride in watching a tree grow from a seedling, you need to approach the process carefully. Trees come in different shapes and sizes, and you need to pick one that suits your specific needs and must be compatible to the property soil. If not, you run the risk of throwing your money down the drain and sadly watch your trees die right on your yard.

Failing to do so can invite a lot of trouble that you don’t need somewhere down the line. Save yourself the pain, frustration, and unnecessary costs of failing to plant trees around your property. Here are some pointers to keep you from running into severe headwinds.

1. Pick the right distance

It’s important to remember that some trees have rather aggressive root systems that can spread up three times the width of the crown. Having such trees too close to your house spells absolute disaster. They could wreak havoc on your most prized possession.

Additionally, roots can damage underground pipe, patios, and driveways. To avoid such incurring such losses, pick your trees sizes carefully by considering their spread and height. Plant large trees, 70 feet or more in height, at least 20 feet from the house.

With medium-sized ones, less than 70 feet, you can cut the distance to 15 feet. For trees small shorter than 30 feet, you can have them within 10 feet of the house. Your landscaping contractor could also help you in placing your trees in areas of you property that would benefit it the most.

2. Plant them at just the right time

Man planting the tree

It’s easy to understand if you want to get started right away with turning your property into a tree-filled haven. To harness all the benefits that come with having trees around your home, however, you must set them up for success. That means planting them at the time of the year when they are likely to thrive.

The months August, September, and October, which coincide with the fall, are the best times to plant new trees. The cooler temperature favors new root growth, while the sun is not hot enough to scotch the saplings. As a bonus, these months are not too hot to do yardwork with your family if you want to turn your project into a bonding opportunity.

A tree cover in your home compound affords you a myriad of benefits, including providing you with clean, crisp, fresh air. However, you need to get it right from the get-go when planting the trees. Remember to consider the factors that will benefit your tree-planting efforts the most.

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