Challenges Millennial Homeowners Face in Landscape Maintenance


Challenges Millennial Homeowners Face in Landscape Maintenance

Many of us dream of living in a house where a lush and beautiful yard sits. This is why most homeowners would try to look for homes that already have a gorgeous landscape to match. The problem is, many first-time homeowners are clueless about landscaping. They don’t have enough knowledge in tending to their yard, let alone customize their landscape to better fit their needs.

Landscaping can be a challenging feat. This is because of the amount of dedication and hard work needed to maintain a beautiful and thriving yard. The following are four examples of common landscaping challenges you can encounter and ways you can solve each one as a new homeowner.

Budget Issues

Probably one of the most common problems many new homeowners face when trying to maintain their landscape is money issues. When money is tight, it can be hard enough to prioritize the needs of your home, let alone explore all the ways you can improve your landscape. The good news is, there are cheap landscaping ideas you can explore if you lack the budget for a professional landscaper.

For one, you’ll want to stick to useful plants. These can be vegetable plants you can get your own produce on. You can also explore plants that repel bugs to help keep unwanted biters from going inside your house.

Instead of mulch, choose cheaper mulch alternatives like compost, stone, newspaper, and leaves. You can also try growing trees as these are among the easier plants to grow and the least expensive. You will end up saving a considerable amount of cash in the future if you can grow a shady tree to cool your space.

Lack of Space

Some millennials can’t afford houses with big picket fences. This means they only have limited space for your yard work. When you have limited space, consider vertical gardening. Create a vertical garden space from an old wooden ladder, old shoe organizer, or even your own fence by hanging potted plants.

Consider creating a view by adding a pergola in your yard. This will give the space a frame, giving it a grand but cozy feel. Add a few outdoor furniture, some plants, and you already have a comfortable space for your lazy afternoons.

Choose bold, bright colors, and your small landscaping will surely catch your own and your neighbor’s attention. Invest in a mixture of unexpected landscaping elements for that dramatic statement. If you have an open yard and your neighbor offers a great view, choose not to close the area off to borrow the view to avoid making the space look cramped.

Safety Issues

If your housemates are all adults, then you won’t have to worry much about your family’s safety in your yard. However, it is a different story when there are kids and pets in the house. The last thing you want is for your dog or little one to get hurt in the yard.

It is crucial that homeowners supervise kids and pets whenever they are out exploring your landscape. It also helps if you train your pups early on, so they won’t be chewing on virtually everything they see in their path. Teach them simple commands so that you can easily take them away from dangerous situations, be it inside your yard or when out playing in the dog park.

It also helps you choose your plants wisely when you have pets and small children living with you. Do your research and be sure to know all plants that are in your backyard. Plants that are harmless to humans can already be harmful to our beloved pets.

Landscaping Design Versus Maintenance


Many homeowners would choose a beautiful landscaping design only to regret their decision afterward. The reason is that they find it so hard to keep up with landscaping maintenance. But know that not all gorgeous landscaping designs require heavy maintenance tasks.

It is crucial that you do your homework and find a landscaping design that works for you. Assess the budget, time, and effort you can exert in maintaining your landscape. If you are clueless when it comes to landscaping, consider the help of the pros.

The pros can create a beautiful landscape for you and be the ones to maintain it. This takes landscaping tasks off of your hands for a price. If not, ask them about low-maintenance landscaping options and ways you can keep your landscape on the cheap.

There are other landscaping challenges that many homeowners face. But for millennials, these four are their usual landscaping dilemmas. Don’t let these challenges stop you from recreating your dream landscaping. Explore the different ways you can get around these issues, and you will get to enjoy your beautiful landscaping in no time.

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