How Much Should You Pay For Tree Stump Grinding In Utah?

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How Much Should You Pay For Tree Stump Grinding In Utah?

Tree stump grinding or removal becomes necessary when you need to plant a new tree, or simply want to improve the appearance of your lawn. In Utah, the average cost for grinding a tree stump may cost at least $100.

This amount usually applies to small tree stumps, but the actual cost will depend on certain factors. Professional grinding for a small stump may cost up to $250 if it takes longer than expected, while larger ones may cost up to $400. When choosing a professional, pick one who specializes in a variety of services such as tree trimming. In Murray, rates can be cheaper than in Salt Lake City because prices in big cities are more expensive because of the higher price of materials and the cost of living.

How Contractors Set Their Rates

Some professional tree grinders usually determine the size of a tree stump by measuring its diameter in inches. You should expect to pay around $3 per inch of diameter, so a 40-inch stump in diameter will cost approximately $120. Take note that most contractors charge a flat rate, which means that they may still charge $100 even if the stump has a smaller diameter.

If you hire someone who charges by the hour, the price is more expensive at around $150. However, consider this payment option when you need to remove several stumps from your yard all at the same time. You should also calculate the sales tax into account when estimating your budget, aside from inspection fees and other related expenses.

Why Tree Stump Grinding Requires An Expert

It’s possible to grind a tree stump on your own by renting a grinder machine for as low as $70 for a half-day use. Full-day rentals will usually cost at least $300 depending on the brand, so you should correctly estimate the time it would take to use the equipment.

While a DIY project is possible, it comes with certain risks to your health and safety. Aside from the labor-intensive work, tree stump grinders are sharp enough to cut almost anything. There’s also the risk of cutting electrical wires or pipes underground. Hiring a professional reduces these risks, and you won’t have to think about cleaning up since this should be included in the service.

Best Time To Plant Trees

You don’t have to hire someone to plant a tree, but you need to know the right timing once you got rid of the old stumps. Home owners should consider planting tree seedlings during late winter or early spring because of the moderate weather.

If that’s not possible, the fall season is a good period to do this. Don’t plant trees during the summer months. The hot weather can be damaging especially to trees that grow quickly.


Make the most out of the contractor’s visit by inquiring about a bundled service. If you hire a contractor who charges per stump, ask if you could include other services like tree trimming or spraying to offset the price difference.

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