Discover the World’s Most Beautiful City Parks

park full of trees

Discover the World’s Most Beautiful City Parks

Parks and gardens are an integral part of any community, whether residential or commercial. People are naturally drawn to flowers, trees, and immaculately landscaped grounds. These help them feel relaxed and at peace.

Park City is also home to well-tended parks with landscape design and features. Other cities in the world also host thousands of gardens and parks that attract visitors all year round. Here are some of the most attractive ones that tourists frequent. You might want to consider adding them to your must-see list, too.

Central Park, New York City

In the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world lies a very beautiful park. New York City’s Central Park is considered one of the best city parks in the world. When you enter the park, you will be surprised to see a zoo, botanical gardens, lakes, playgrounds, concert venues, ice skating rink, and an amazing view of the city. Central Park is the first ever public park created in the USA.

Park Güell, Barcelona

A walk at Park Güell would definitely be a memorable one. Many park visitors say that they feel that they have entered a different world when they visit this park in Spain because of its unique and one of a kind concept. It is filled with exquisite pavilions that look like gingerbread houses in storybooks. One of the most notable features of the park is the mosaic salamander fountain that is found at the entrance. It is a unique water feature with a really elaborate design offering an out-of-this-world ambiance.

The Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

There are approximately 14 million visitors that pay the Golden Gate Park a visit each year. The park is nestled in over one thousand acres of sand dunes. There, you will find the best attractions such as the Japanese Tea Garden, Conservatory of Flowers, and the De Young Museum.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

royal botanic park in melbourne aerial viewYou can’t miss the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, Australia with its colorful flora and fauna and picturesque views. The garden is spread over one hundred acres of land. It has a tranquil lake, including an amazing collection of some 50 thousand plant species. The garden is home to bellbirds and black swans. There, you can also find the elusive kookaburra and cockatoo. The best times to visit the park is in summer and spring.

Stanley Park, Vancouver

This park in Vancouver, Canada is a must-see for avid bikers and hikers. It has one thousand acres of green space that is easily accessible from downtown Vancouver. There, you will be able to enjoy their rose gardens, totem poles, and an outdoor theater. Moreover, the park has a golf course, sports facilities, aquariums, and a small train.

 Keukenhof, Lisse

This park in Lisse, Netherlands peaks during the eight weekends from mid-March or mid-May when the park is at its most vibrant beauty. Guests come from all over to see and experience about seven million tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils in full bloom. While you see the flowers, you can enjoy over a hundred art forms, aside from the four pavilions that are home to the most exotic species.

Monsanto Forest Park, Lisbon

This park in Lisbon, Portugal is regarded as the largest green space that Lisbon has to offer the world. It is where exhibitions, concerts, and theater are held in its sprawling two thousand acres of greens. In addition, you can get to see stellar views of the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean from the park.

Besides gardens and parks, nature lovers all over the world can also visit landscaped attractions such as man-made lagoons, forests, and lakes in the heart of the city. It’s a welcome respite from the confined homes or offices people live and work in.

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