A Look at Energy Efficiency

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A Look at Energy Efficiency

A significant percentage of any home’s energy consumption arises from wasteful use. Behaviors such as leaving the television on when leaving the house or even leaving a hot shower running to go and answer the doorbell go a long way in increasing your monthly power bills. The same applies to increased water bills as is the case with a running shower. As a result, you find yourself struggling with high house bills every month.

Adopt alternative sources of power:

Many homes rely on power supplied by electricity utility companies. However, there are other alternative sources of energy such as solar power that homes can count on. Some companies in Salt Lake City install solar power in homes at affordable costs. As an alternative source of electricity, solar power reduces the power bills you pay every month. It is possible to rely on solar power eliminating your monthly power bills solely. Another option may be to acquire a solar water heater. That reduces the high heating bills that you incur every month.

Switch off unnecessary lights:

Many people forget to switch off lights whenever they are leaving a room or even when they do not need additional light. For instance, in the evening when leaving the house to go to a friend’s party, always ensure that all lights are switched off. Some people consider leaving the lights on to deceive burglars that there are people in the house, therefore, wading them off. However, that should not be the case. The cumulative cost of power bills might exceed the amount of money that you would require to install a home security system.

Natural light and air conditioning:

Natural light from the sun provides an efficient way of lighting a room without the need to switch on additional lights. Every morning, consider drawing the curtains to allow light into the house. You can then draw them back later in the evening before switching on the lights. Such simple routines go a long way in reducing your home’s energy consumption. The same applies to air conditioning. A simple thing such as opening the windows and doors inside your house may help to regulate the temperature or improve the air quality inside the house. That is especially during the day. You may then power on the air conditioning system only when necessary.

Avoid unnecessarily long showers:


The issue of long showers always comes up whenever discussing energy efficiency. That is because it not only results in the wastage of water but also increases the monthly water and power bills significantly. It is estimated that showering should take about five to ten minutes. However, there are times when people spend up to 30 minutes in the shower. That results in a lot of water and energy wastage.

In the end, all homes should strive to achieve energy efficiency. The occupants should aim at eliminating the wasteful use of electricity. That not only reduces the effect on the environment but also lightens the load on whoever settles the bills.

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