A Guide for Making Mulch at Home

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A Guide for Making Mulch at Home

Mulching is an effective way to conserve moisture in the soil and improve the growth of roots to prevent erosion in your garden. If you are in Utah, there are stores dedicated to selling landscaping and gardening supplies. However, you can also make them right at the comfort of your home. It is very easy and the organic components are readily available in your garden.


The dried leaves have a lot of minerals that your plants can benefit from. It will take a while for these to decompose if you don’t chop them into finer pieces. Microorganisms and earthworms can help speed up the decomposition process. Let them stay on the ground for a while until they dry and that is when you can run your lawnmower over the pile of leaves. It is a cheap and easy way to make mulch.

Grass Clippings

You can keep clippings of grass after mowing your lawn. This is a good mulch because it brings back nutrients to the soil that are lost from different factors. If you are using fresh grass clippings, be sure to avoid layering a thick amount as it will attract mold or create a foul smell when the decomposition process starts. This is also a good choice because it makes way for more space between the mulch to help the soil breathe.

Twigs and Barks

You can put trimmings, twigs, and branches in the mulching machine so that it will be shredded down to wood chips. A study from Washington State University revealed that these are one of the best mulches you can use for trees and shrubs. It also absorbs more moisture that keeps the soil cool. This will be best for the summer.

Human Hair

Some people may say that hair is not a good mulch because it takes time to decompose. It actually is a good one because it has a high content of nitrogen. If you like cutting your kids or your own hair, then you can save them. You can also get some at your local barber shop or salon. Some manufacturers even turn them into rugs that you can layer on the soil. It is also a good way to deter weeds and pests and it allows good microorganisms to thrive.


People always confuse themselves with what composting and mulching is. They are two different things. Composting is the process of allowing microorganisms to decompose organic matter to create nutrient-rich matter. Mulching is allowing low maintenance of your plants as it rids of pests and weeds and it helps in maintaining moisture. The good thing about using it is that as your compost starts to decompose further, it will then slowly turn into nutrient-rich soil.


Used paper can be shredded and used as mulch, too. You may use newspapers and other thin paper materials like old calendars. Same with any other mulch; as they decompose, the by-product released by the microorganisms bring back nutrients to the soil, which helps enrich plants. Just be very careful not to use papers with plastic lamination.

Coffee Grounds

Aside from your coffee maker, you can also obtain this from your local café. Most coffee shops offer this for free. It is a part of their program to help save the Earth. The smell of coffee is also really relaxing when it is used as a mulch.

You can actually mix all of these in any way you want. Just make sure you put the right amount on top of your soil. Do not include dried weeds in your organic mulch because it can introduce them again in your garden.

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