5 Steps to Ensure That Your Garden Sprinkler Will Function Without a Hitch

Automatic water sprinkler watering the grass

5 Steps to Ensure That Your Garden Sprinkler Will Function Without a Hitch

Your garden sprinkler system plays a vital role in keeping the lush and green in your lawn. Without this mechanism, you’ll find it more challenging to supply your garden with sufficient amount of water and nutrients. This is why the least thing you could do in exchange for the service of your irrigation system is to ensure that it’s in tip-top shape. For you to do that correctly, there are proper ways to perform regular maintenance to your system.

Sprinklersutah.com and other garden sprinkler repair companies have provided guidelines on some steps you need to follow to keep your irrigation in its prime condition.

1. Inspect the Controller

Examine the controller that is attached to the water supply. Ensure that the system is plugged correctly. Look for leaks and if you see any, be sure to fix it then secure it tightly so that your irrigation will get the right amount of pressure it needs. During your inspection, don’t forget to include the shut off valve as you do the checking.

2. Check the Spray Behavior

Test the sprinkler spray and see if there are dry or untouched areas in your garden. If you do see any perpetual damp or dry spots, it is an indication that your sprayer is failing you. The best way to deal with this is to fix and adjust the head, or you could completely replace it with a new set to ensure that it will spritz properly.

3. Adjust the Water Pressure

Gardener adjusting the water sprinkler pressureAnother important step you should do on your irrigation’s maintenance is to check the backflow of water. This specific part of your system is necessary to protect your home’s water supplies from any possible contamination or pollution. Although it is not required to check it as often as the other components, you need to at least check it once or twice a year.

4. Clear Dirt and Debris on Sprinkler Heads

Over time, the sprinkler head may have sunk deep into the soil where you placed it. While there’s virtually no way to keep it on the surface for long, the best thing you can do is to ensure that it is always visible above. While doing so, be sure you also clean and remove any dirt or debris that may have entered through the nozzle. Otherwise, leaving it as it be may totally affect the efficiency and the way the water will shower your garden.

5. Spot Leaks on Hose and Pipes

To avoid wastage on water, thoroughly checking your irrigation’s hose and pipes are necessary. Be sure they are securely attached to the main valve and water system. If there’s a sudden change on the pressure levels of your sprinkler when you’re not even changing the settings, then it can be an indication that there’s something wrong with your pipes or hose. For this, it’s best to have them replaced or repaired immediately. Do this step quarterly or as often as possible depending on how frequent you use the irrigation system.

Use this as your guide to maintaining a fine-tune garden sprinkler properly. Be sure to follow these steps to ensure your lawn will remain attractive for years.

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