Five Water Features You Can Add to Your Home

Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To Relax

Five Water Features You Can Add to Your Home

Water has always had a calming and peaceful effect on people. Many homeowners choose to add water features to make their homes more inviting, welcoming and relaxing.

Even if you live in a small space or at the heart of the city, you can still add a water feature to your property and help shake off stress at the end of the day. You can explore any of these five options.

Small Pond

Any small kind of yard can hold a pond. You can easily create a small pond with the help of a prefabricated liner. You can purchase from a local garden or hardware store. You can also build a small pond from scratch by simply digging a hole and lining it with a flexible plastic liner.

Find a spot at home for your small pond. It should be somewhere that receives adequate sunlight and not under any tree. Trees can shed leaves and these can drop on your pond.

Freestanding Fountain

This is ideal for small places like the balcony of an apartment or condo. It comes in various sizes like big or small, or temporary or permanent. A freestanding fountain typically consists of watering cans, bowls and bubbly urns. You can place it anywhere, and it is a relaxing addition to any garden.

Wall Fountain

A wall fountain is another perfect addition to any home garden. It is specially designed with streams of water that cascade into a basin and can be found in a garden backyard or a swimming pool. This is a wonderful water feature to add in your garden regardless of size and shape.

Water Garden

A water garden consists of containers that have water in them and where plants that thrive on the water are grown. Many garden lovers add some small fish to it to make it even more fun and interesting, as well as keep mosquitoes at bay.

Fish are a great addition to a water garden. But before you consider adding them, make sure that the water garden is stabilized and living for a few days. After you fill it with water from the tap, do not forget to add a dechlorinator before placing the fish. This is because high chlorine in tap water kills fish.


This is the easiest way you can add a water feature in a small portion of the garden or backyard. It is considerably cheaper compared to other water features. There are lots of birdbath styles and designs you can choose from. They can be made of ceramic stone, glass, cement, copper or porcelain tiles. You can find more selections in garden centers in Minnesota.

The transitory birds, butterflies and bees that visit your garden will be delighted with your birdbath, so make sure to make them shallow. You can add some gravel, sand or stones in the birdbath bowl to make it shallow and easier for the birds to climb out.

Remember to keep the water clean, cool and fresh to attract birds and other creatures in it. If space permits, add live fish, turtles and other aquatic creatures for detail and enjoyment. Having something the kids can feed is also a great thing to add.

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