Tips And Tricks To Make Your Own Desert Landscape Design

Desert landscape design could be one of the best landscape design that you could apply to your front yard. Instead of make the regular green landscape for your front yard, why don’t you dare yourself to be different and try to make a desert landscape design in your front yard.

desert landscape ideas and plans

This landscape design is also much easier to maintain than the regular green landscape. Because if the regular green landscape planted with so many plants that need a lot of maintenance, the desert landscape only have a couple desert plants that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. But some people might still confuse when they are trying to make a desert landscape in their front yard. So here are some tips and tricks that you need to do if you want to make your own desert landscape design:

Chosen Plants

Even though it is a desert landscape you still need to give some green in it. You could start searching about the desert plants that suit with your style and needs. If you have a small front yard then you could choose some small cactus, along with some desert flowers, and also some dry bushes to make it looks realistic. But if you have a bigger space of front yard you could choose a big and tall cactus to decorate your desert landscape.

desert landscape ideas for backyards


Instead of green grass, for your desert landscape design you could add an enough amount of sands to your front yard. If you have a small space of front yard, then you could make some river that made out of sand in your front yard try to make a simple shape of river to prevent your front yard to look full and stuffed. And if your front yard is big enough you could put your sand in every part that you want, just remember to match it with the shape of your front yard.

desert landscape front yard


Rock is the most important thing that you need to have in your desert landscape. You could decorate your desert landscape and make it more realistic by adding some different sizes of rock. For small front yard you could use some small rocks then make a river rock out of it, try to keep it simple by making a simple shape of river rock, a wavy line or even a straight line is perfect for you. And for a big front yard, you could use couple of big rocks, simply put it at the corner of your front yard or even gather it together in the middle of your front yard. Just remember to not forget about rocks when you make your desert landscape design.