Interlocking Block Retaining Wall, Strong And Easy To Build

If you want to make a retaining wall on your garden without have to do any effort then you could use an interlocking block retaining wall to build it. The interlocking block retaining wall is really easy to build, without any mortar to build this retaining wall the only thing that you need to do is stack it until it looks like a retaining wall, it is as easy ad building a wall from some lego blocks.

interlocking block retaining wall design

But a lot of people are afraid of using this block retaining wall, because without using any mortar this retaining wall might not as strong as the other retaining wall. But it has been proven itself that the interlocking block is as strong as the other materials that used to build a retaining wall. This block retaining wall has some design, types, and colours that you could choose. And to help you with that, here are some of best design of interlocking block retaining wall:

Standard Block Retaining Wall

The first interlocking block is the standard block retaining wall. Just like we all already know, the standard one is having a bright coloured paint without any carve or any pattern to decorate it. The shape is usually a rectangular shape that perfect to build a strong retaining wall. Some of you might think that the standard block retaining wall is boring and couldn’t give your garden any change, but this block retaining wall would blend really well for almost every kind of garden.

interlocking concrete block retaining wall

Stone Block Retaining Wall

And if the standard block retaining wall is not your style then the stone block retaining wall could be an alternative that you could try. Actually this stone block retaining wall is almost the same with the standard block retaining wall, the only thing that differentiate this block retaining wall with the standard block retaining wall is that the stone block retaining wall is having a same look and pattern like a natural stone. This block retaining wall is perfect if you want to have a natural and realistic stone block retaining wall, only need to polish it a bit then it would look shine and clean for a long time.

interlocking block retaining wall ideas

Coloured Block Retaining Wall

The interlocking block retaining wall also has some different colours for you. Not a bright colour, but some soft and natural colour like brown, beige, white and cream that would nicely blend with your garden. This one could be the best interlocking block retaining wall for your garden.