Eukaryotic Cell Diagram And Its Function

Eukaryotic cell diagram is what you need to know more. In this world cell is divided into two types, the eukaryotic cell and also the prokaryotic cell, if the prokaryotic cell could only be found in bacteries, the eukaryotic cell could be found almosti every organism.eukaryotic cell diagram and functions

Eukaryotic cell diagram has a lot of organelles in it. Each of the organelle has a different meaning and also function. And here are some of the eukaryotic cell organelles meaning and function that you need to know:

Plasm Membrane

Plasm membrane is made with some fat molecules and also protein. The plasm membrane only has 10nm thick, this organelle has a lot of function tjag could help the plant to grow stronger and bigger, and here are some of them:

eukaryotic cell diagram plant

  1. Protector to the inside part of the eukaryotic cell.
  2. Control all of the molecules. The plasm membrane is really selective when it comes to choose which molecules that could pass through the membrane.


Cytoplasm or plasm cell has most of the organelles in it (except the nucleus). Cytoplasm has 2 types of things in it, one is liquid and the other one is solid, if the solid things is some other organelles that exisr in a eukaryotic cell, then the liquid things that cytoplasm has called cytosol. And cytoplasm functions are:

  1. The place where all of the important chemical ingredients that used to build a great metabolism.
  2. The cytoplasm liquid, cytosol flow to all of the cell organelles to make sure that everything is doing its job and make a great metabolism for the cell.
  3. diagram of prokaryotic cell


Nucleus is the biggest organel that grow inside of a eukaryotic cell. This organel could grow up to 10nm for its diameter. Usually the nucleus placed in the middle of a cell and have a circle or an oval for its shape, same with the human the nucleus also has some DNA in that could be passed to its next generation. And the nucleus function are:

  1. Control all of the organelles movement.
  2. Release some RNA and also Ribosome to the cytoplasm.
  3. Bring the genetic information.

The eukaryotic cell diagram contains with a lot of organelles each of it has an equal important function to help the eukaryotic cell to grow stonger, bigger and healthier. The eukaryotic cell actually has 12 organelles in it, but the three organelles that mentioned above could be the a perfect basic information for you who want to know more about eukaryotic cell diagram.

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