Curb Appeal Landscaping, Increase Your House Attractiveness

Curb appeal landscaping is one of the most popular method that people usually used to make their house looks attractive both from the inside and also the outside. But the curb appeal landscapping method is specifically made for the outside part of your house.

This method is usually used by the property’s seller to attract more buyers, because the first thing that people see from a house, is what the outside part looks like, then continue to the inside part of the house. This method could also be perfect for you who want to make your neighbours and pedestrians jealous when they see the look of your house. And here are some the best way to make a curb appeal landscaping in your house:

curb appeal landscaping and lawncare

Green Curb Appeal

This curb appeal landscaping design is the most simple one that you could apply to your front yard. Even though this is a simple design, but this one still could increase your front yard attractiveness, and also could give it an illusion of a bigger front yard. First thing that you need to do is plant all of your front yard with your chosen grass don’t put any extra plants to decorate it, you could use some rocks or gravels if you want to give more colours to your front yard. And then right in front of your house, you could plant some little bushes around to make some border to separate your house with your front yard.

curb appeal ideas for ranch style homes

Hills Curb Appeal

If your house is on a hill and you don’t have a big and wide front yard, don’t worry because you could still make your own curb appeal and increase your house attractiveness. First, you need to re-shape your front yard try to make a shape of a stair to make it easier for you when it comes to decorate your front yard. After you re-shape it perfectly, thing that you need to do next is plant your chosen plants to each of your front yard stairs, but since your front yard is small so it is better for you to choose a small plants instead of a bigger one. Couple of small bushes, tall grass, and colourful flowers could be the best choice for you.

curb appeal landscaping ideas

Small Curb Appeal

And for you who only have a small space of front yard, you don’t have to worry about anything because there is still some way thay you could try to make your front yard looks beautiful. Same with the green curb appeal, it is better for you to plant 80℅ of your front yard with grasses, then for the rest part you could plant some small bushes, flowers, and also small trees. This design could give your house the best curb appeal landscaping.