Cross Section Of An Animal Cell, Its Organelles And Functions

Cross section of an animal cell is what the biology student needs right now. The animal cell is made from an eukaryotic cells and turn itself to become an organelle. The animal cell is quite different with the plant cell, if the plant cell has a wall cell and chroloplasts the animal cell has none of it.

All of the animal cells never have an exact same shape and organelle. Even some have a wall cell in it. But even though they have a different shape and organelle all of the animal cell still share a same main function, it is to help the organs function to work well. And here are the cross section of an animal cell that you need to know:

cross section of a plant cell

Cell Membrane

Cell membrane is the outside part of the cell that protect and cover all of the cell frlm the outside. The cell membrane is made with lipoprotein and aldo lipid. It also controls all of the minerals and nutritions movement in the cell. And the cell membrane functions are:

  1. Cell protector
  2. Control minerals and nutritions movement.
  3. Place where the chemical reactiom happens and form some energies or other important things that the animal cell needs.
  4. plant cell structure


Cytoplasm has 2 different type of liquids in it, the sol phase and also the gel phase. Cytoplasm made with only two components water and protein, so if the water concentrate is low it would make a gel phase, but if the cocentrate of water is high it could make a sol phase. And here are the cytoplasm functions:

  1. Place where the metabolism reaction formed.
  2. And also place where all of the chemical components that needed by the animal cells gathered.


Endoplasmic Reticulum

The endoplasmic reticulum is the second biggest organelle right after mitochondria. There are two types of endoplasmic reticulum, one has ribosom stick on it and the other has none of it. And the endoplasmic reticulum functions are:

  1. Place where lipid and steroit are lifted.
  2. Also a place to keep all of the fosfolipid, steroid, and glicolipid together.
  3. Help the cell to get rid all of the toxic that may contain it.
  4. plant cell diagram labeled

And those are some of the cross section of an animal cell organelles meaning and function. Not all of the organelles are mentioned above, but those information are good enough for you to know about the basic first. Hope this article could help you to completely understand about cross section of an animal cell.