3 Best Hillside Landscaping Ideas For Your Front Yard

Hillside landscaping is specially made for people with a hill house. If you have your house in a hill, then you would also have a hill front yard that usually a little bit complicated when it comes to have it decorated. To decorate this kind of front yard it is an easy but also hard thing to do at the same time. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to make a beautiful landscape in your hill front yard.

There are a lot of hillside landscaping design that you could apply to your front yard. But first you need to know about your hill’s soil consistency, because it needs to be strong enough to hold all of the plants and also the other decorations that you are going to apply to your front yard. After you know about the soil’s consistency then next thing that you need to do is decorate it, and here are some of the best hillside landscaping design that you need to know:

hillside landscaping with rocks

Stairs Hillside

If you want to decorate your hill front yard this method if one of the easier method that you could apply to your front yard. Along with your wooden stair, you could also make some bigger stair right next to it, then cover the front side of the stair with woods. After that, just simply plant your chosen plants in it, but it is recommended for you to plant small plants like, small tall grass, flowers, and also small bushes. Because the hill is not strong enough to holg a bigger plant like trees.

hillside landscaping designs

Waterfall Landscape

Water fountain could also be one of the best choice for you to make your own hillside landscape. Just remember to know well about the soil’s consistency, it needs to be strong enough to hold the waterfall. But this waterfall landscape is much better for your backyard or even side yard, you could make this waterfall as natural as possible by stacking big rocks to make the water flows beautifully. Then you could also add some tall grass and flower around it to male it more natural and realistic.

Modern Hillside

And if your house is a modern house, then you also need to have a modern design of hillside. This one is almost the same with the stair hillside, but the thing that differentiate this design with the stair hillside design is that thia one is using concrete to become its stair. And the bigger stairs is also covered with concrete. It is actually better because it could make thr hill stonger so it could hold much bigger plants. Literally one of thr best design of hillside landscaping.