3 Best Herb Garden Design Of All Time

Herb garden design is one of the best choices of garden design ideas that you could apply in your backyard or even frontyard. Besides the regular garden that you have been seen at almost every houses, this herb garden design could make your garden looks unique and different.

herb garden design ideas

Herbs are much smaller than the other plants that usually planted on a garden. And because of that, herbs are the best plant for you who have a small garden. But it doesn’t mean that you could not make your garden looks beautiful with this small plant. And here are some of the best herb garden design that you could apply to your backyard or frontyard:

Stacking Herb Pots

This design is really unique and could make your garden looks so artsy and different. This design made with 2 or 3 different sizes of pot that stack all the way up and make itself looks like a tower. But to make it looks artsy, you should start stacking from the bigger pot up to the smaller pot. And this design is also really good for you if you are on a budget, because you could simply make the pot by yourself with some used wood then paint it to make it looks like a brand new pot.

herb garden design plans

Basket Herb Pots

If your garden is really small, then this design could be the most perfect suit for you. Instead of pots, to make your small garden feels warmer and pretty, you could change the pots into some pretty wooden basket. Choose any herbs that you like, then put it in the baskets, to give it more style and colours add some small flowers along with your chosen herbs. And to decorate your garden more, you could hang some little baskets with pretty colourful flowers to make it visble. This one is the simplest that you could try.

formal herb garden layout

Gravels And Rocks

And the last garden design is specially made for you who hate pots, there is an alternatives that you could try if you still want to make a herb garden without using any pots for it. You could decorate your garden with gravels, rocks, and also herbs to make it looks simple but still has some green in it. To make it looks simple, you need to choose some gravels that only have one or two colours in it, and for the rocks try to choose a dark coloured rocks to make the herbs stand out the most.

And those are some of the garden design ideas that you could try. Hope this information could help you in finding more ideas about herb garden design.

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