tropical landscape ideas small yards

were made of people who love summer. But who doesn’t love summer? It’s the best time in a year, It’s time when we are having fun with our friends, spend most of our time outside, get our skins tanned, go to the beaches, enjoy the view, feel the breezes in our skins, that’s what tropical means it’s a sunny day but it comes along with a fresh wind.

But now you can have your own tropical place everyday without leaving your home. By making a tropical themed backyard, you can have you own mini-beach to enjoy your day like summer. And here are some of the tropical landscaping ideas for backyard that you need to know:

Design Your Backyard Pool

If you have a big space backyard you can make a pool with a tropical theme. Hire an expert to build it for you, you could make a beach-like shape for your pool, it’s like a wavy oval shape or even an abstract shape you can make it as you like, and for the edges you can use a soft edges stone to make it more realistic and natural. And also don’t forget to put some tropical plants around it, and if you want your pool to look more tropical you can make a waterfall in it.

tropical landscape plants

Playing With Sand

To get that beach feels, you can put sands all over your garden, but I recommend you to just only put it in a small round area not too big and not too small, just enough for you and your family to enjoy it. And also you can put the sand around your pool.

The Ornaments

For a tropical themed backyard, you can put a big shades in your sand area, a couple of beach chair and a colourful hammock.


And for plants, you can put any tropical plants that you like, but a little palm tree is a must, or it’s even much better if you can put a small coconut tree in your backyard, so when you are thirsty you can simply pick it and drink it right from the coconut. Just put the trees at the corner of your garden, and you can have an ordinary grass to the rest space, and then the tall grass, and then you can put any tropical plants that you want.

tropical garden design for small spaces

Actually it’s quite easy to have a tropical themed backyard for your home, the main things that we need to have are only pool, sand, the beach ornaments, and also some of the tropical plants. Hope this article could give you information and more of tropical landscaping ideas for backyard.