Tropical garden design for small spaces sound impossible for some people, because it’s a known that if we want to have a tropical themed garden we need to have a pool, a space for the ornaments, and also the plants, so that’s mean we need to have a big space of garden to make it possible. I999 But nowadays there are only a few people who can afford a house with a big space of garden, and the rest should be satisfy enough with their small space of garden.

But it’s not impossible to have a tropical themed garden if you only have a small space, there are ways for you to make it happen, and here are some of the tropical garden design for small spaces:

tropical landscaping ideas for backyard

Choosing Water Features

Yes it’s impossible to have a pool in our garden if we only have a small space of it. But we could find an alternative to replace the pool with other water features, there are a lot of small water features that suit with a small spaced garden, you can choose one with a big bowl shape to make an illusion of a pool, and then just put stones around it to hide the bowl and make it more natural.


You still can put sand in your garden for that tropical themed garden you want, you can cover a quarter part of your garden and then build a simple edges to prevent it from  mixed with other material and you can put a basic simple grass to cover the rest space.

The Ornaments

If you have a small garden you can’t put a lot of ornaments in it, just put a couple of bean bag sofa and then a small round coffee table in your sand area and that’s it. Do not put any shades or hammock or other beach ornaments, your garden will look even smaller and stuffed if you do it.

tropical landscaping ideas for front of ho


For plants you can still choose any tropical plants that you want for your garden, but remember do not put it too much. Just plant a couple of mini coconut trees in the corner of your garden, a little bushes to make it neat, and maybe a couple of tall grass around it.

That’s all the information about making a tropical themed garden for you who have a small space of garden. Wish this article could help you and helping you in finding other tropical garden design for small spaces.

tropical landscaping ideas for small yards