Low maintenance landscaping ideas are helping you with time and money. This landscaping idea is one of the most best way that people wants because it’s easy and only need a little efforts, and with a little efforts it means that we only need to pay a little amount of money to maintain the landscape.

low maintenance yard ideas and pictures

But most of them don’t understand about how to make a low maintenance garden in their home. They don’t know which plants to choose, which ornaments that suit with the garden and many more. And they usually end up by having a regular green themed garden that need a lot of maintenances.

low maintenance backyard landscaping

So here are some tips about low maintenance landscaping ideas for you:

Choose Gravels And Concretes

You can make a gravels or concretes floor on your garden, but do not covered all of your garden with it, just make a simple pattern to take a part of the garden, so you won’t need to do a lot of maintenances because you only need to take care a half of your green garden not all of them.

Small Ornaments

Having a lot of plants in your garden means that you need to take care all of it, and yes, it needs a lot of maintenances and also a lot of money. So, why don’t you change some of your plants with a garden ornaments, like a statue or a small water feature, it’s simple it’s easy, just buy it and put it in your garden, you only need to clean it once in a week.

Low Growing Plants

A low growing plants is a perfect suit for a low maintenance landscape, there are a lot of low growing plants that you can choose for your garden. And here are some of the low growing plants that you need to know:

  1. Blue Star Creeper

This plant will bloom a pretty blue coloured flower. This flower is good with sun and heat, but can’t survive cold climates.

  1. Mini Trees

A mini tree is just as the same as the big one, they need a long time to grow and just need a little trimming every couple of months. The differences that mini trees and big trees have is only the size of it.

  1. Grass

Your garden still need grass. Hard fescue, chewings fescue, and creeping red fescue are the best choices for your garden.

low maintenance landscaping shrubs

Hope this article could give you information, and inspiration in making a low maintenance landscape, and in finding another low maintenance landscape ideas.