Great Landscaping Ideas For Your Small Front yard

Great landscaping ideas are what people want right now, nowadays most of the people are choosing a minimalist home to stay, and that’s mean if you have a minimalist home then you must also have a little space of front yard.

simple landscaping ideas

But fear not, because it’s not impossible to have a beautiful front yard even though you have a small space of front yard. And here are some great landscaping ideas for you who want to have a beautiful front yard but only have a small space of it:

landscaping ideas for front of house


Remember if you have a small space front yard do not put a lot of plants, you don’t want to make your small front yard to look even smaller right? Just cover your front yard with dwarf grass then just put a couple of bushes and flowers to decorate it.

Water Features

You can put a simple water features to decorate your front yard. Choose a simple water features like pond-less waterfall, little water fountains, or even a small fish pond to your front yard.


To decorate your Front yard you can also put a small statue in it. It doesn’t need a lot of efforts and also won’t cost you much. Put one up to three statues to decorate your front yard, there are a lot of different kind statues that you can choose. An animal statue, or an abstract shape rock.


A garden lamp also can be one of the best choices for you to put in your front yard. If you want to have a big lamp you can put one big lamp in your front yard, but if you want to have a couple of lamps in your front yard you could choose a small lamp to decorate it.

Concretes And Gravels

If you have a small space of front yard and also want a little maintenance, then this method is perfect for you. You only need to cover all of your spaces with concretes or gravels. You can choose any colours and textures that you want. And you also could make any pattern that you like.

You might found the other tips and tricks to make a beautiful landscape at your front yard. But I’m hoping that this article and the information inside it could help you in making a beautiful landscape, giving you inspirations and also helpi you in finding another ideas about great landscaping ideas.
landscaping ideas for small backyard