Landscape fountains is one of many garden’s accessories that most of the people want it to be installed in their garden to give it style and characteristic. Not only flowers, trees, or stones that could decorate your garden. But now a fountain is also could give you a different feeling, a fountain could make your garden look even more modern and fancy  just by adding the simplest fountain to it.

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But there are a lot of types of fountain, for some of you it must be confusing to choose the right fountain for your garden, so here are some types of landscape fountains idea that you could choose to decorate your garden to look modern and fancy:

Water Mirror

The sound of water brings people a relaxing feel, that’s why this become the most important point for you who want to make a fountain.

To give it a more modern look you can choose a fountain that made of metal, and put a big mirror behind the water to make its visual look even better.

Classic Water Fountain

This kind of fountain is the oldest type of fountains that ever known. The traditional one always made by a coloured stones, or concretes. If you want this fountain for your garden and you want it to have a little bit touch of modern, you can hire an expert and discuss it.

Zen Water Fountains

If you want to meditate and get a perfect relaxing feel you can choose this type of fountain in your garden. The sound of Zen Water Fountains is really good for you who love peace and silent. This fountain has a long pool and usually build with granites to make it look more modern.

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Little Water Fountains

Who says that you could only have a fountain in your garden? Now you could even make a water fountain in your living room to give your guest a different feel when coming to your home. This little water fountains is really suit for your living room, it’s not too big and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

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Green Water Fountains

To make your fountain blends well with your garden, you can put plants in it, or around it. You can simply put a well-trimmed bushes around it, or flowers and tall grass in it. It’s up to your style and imagination.

Hope this article could help you and give you ideas for you who want to make a great landscape fountains.