Animal Cell Therapies: How To Help Chronic Disease in Pets

Animal Cell Therapies is a stem cell study and development veterinary company. It aims to grow and regulate untainted and effective high quality stem cell treatments for unceasing diseases and orthopedic in dogs. It reduces pain, provides a reliable product, enhance treatment effectiveness, and be professionally done in an outpatient background with new approach.

Animal Cell Therapies

Animal Cell Therapies
Animal Cell Therapies

Animal Cell Therapies Stem Cell

Stem cells are specific cells that have outstanding prospective to patch up the body. They are primal cells that can be modified into many other diverse types of cells like bone or cartilage to assist the body cure from wound or sickness. Younger people heal more efficiently than older people so there is diminish of the amount of natural stem cells in the body as animals and human age.

Stem Cells Treat

Heart disease, orthopedic conditions, autoimmune and neurologic conditions, and inflammatory diseases are many diverse diseases and conditions on animals and people that can be healed with stem cells. Pet owners will donate their pet’s adult stem cells from umbilical cord tissue for Animal Cell Therapies. This tissue is developed by ACT to make pure quantity of mesenchymal stem cells. These cells produce important proteins required for the body to heal itself and are implicated in many types of tissue patch up.

Source Of Stem Cells

Fat, fetal stem cells (fetal tissue), embryonic stem cells (embryos), bone marrow, and adult stem cells (umbilical cords) are some sources for stem cells. The best source is umbilical cords as they are effortless to collect, do not have ethical concerns, are the most potent and youngest type of adult stem cell and do not need further surgeries. Only umbilical cord tissue is the source collected by Animal Cell Therapies.

Animal Cell Therapies Benefits

C-Section procedure is taken during delivery of newborn puppies to collect cells from the umbilical cords. Others will discard the tissue as waste but only advantageous stem cells are picked by purify the cells. Highly controlled studies pursuing FDA agreement and at major universities are conducted, so greatly scrutinized technical data will be present to support their protection and effectiveness when the market approves the cells.

Stem Cells Collection

Animals won’t be harmed during collection of the cells. Only umbilical cords are taken from a top quality group of breeders and owners for newborn puppies. The umbilical cords are commonly disposed. Animal Cell Therapies do not collect umbilical cord by exploit research dogs, collect embryos, or hurt or slay any animals.