Rock Garden Plants That Are Ideal For Coastal Areas

It can be challenging picking rock garden plants in seashore areas. Choosing plants will be easier grown in a coastal climate with this list of flowers for rock gardens. Most alpine plants are extremely resilient and forbearing against salt gush and wind.

They offer beautiful ground-cover and color and need little maintenance and are easy to grow. To flourish well, part shade sun and a free draining soil is needed by most plants for rock garden. You will not find it as a problem in raised rock gardens as well as sandy or poor soils.

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Rock Garden Plants: Sea Pinks (Armeria Maritima)

These seaside alpines plants are great and easy to grow and even in the barest seaside garden would be no problem. White flowers Alba and pink flowers Armeria maritima Splendens are the most common choice.




These tremendous seaside rock garden plants create heap of silvery green shrubbery and are gentle succulents. During early summer, there are purple daisy flowers covering them and walls and edges are great for cascading. They are not completely resilient to frost and can grow in deprived free draining soils. In freezing nights, use swindle to cover them or if you live in a freezing area take them cover indoors. It is possible to use them as containers.


In the spring, flowers are abundant and the plants form green foliage mat. These great rock garden plants are available in red, lavender, or white varieties. In the spring, they will add a dazzling dash of color and gush to your rock garden if planted on top or at an rim of a wall.

Snow In Summer (Cerastium Tomentosum)

You can make huge cascades or mats using this alpine with silver leaves. During early summer and spring, there are hundreds of white flowers blossoming. All year round, the ground is covered by the evergreen shrubbery.

Seabreeze Erigeron

Your exposed gardens would look amazing with this great rock garden plants. During early summer, there will be flourishing of purple daisies. All year round, there will be a orderly swell of silvery-green shrubbery covering the plant.

Mossy Saxifrage

The flowers are some of the prettiest for rock gardens. During early summer and spring there will be white, pink, or red flowers abundantly from small dense mounds produced by the mossy foliage. You can grow them with little soil. Crannies and cracks of stones and walls are appropriate to grow these rock garden plants.