Rock Garden Chandigarh: Sanctuary Of Waste Artifact

The Rock Garden Chandigarh is a garden for statues situated in Chandigarh city in the Northern area of India. It is founded by Nek Chand which make the garden is branded as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden. Chand was a road examiner in the Chandigarh Capital Project for the Engineering Department. In 1957, the garden was started to be built secretly in Chand’s leisure time.

Chand picked up stones that look like animal, human, bird, and other abstract shapes as he traveled the Shivalik foothills more than many years. Along the way, there are fascinating pieces of urban and manufacturing waste he collect. In a wood near Sukna Lake next to a gorge, there was a poor hut he used to store the objects he found to create his ideas of the celestial realm of Sukrani.






Rock Garden Chandigarh Inauguration

Unfortunately, it was government ground the gorge Chand used. In 1902, the government assigned it as a land conservancy and it is prohibited building anything on it. It means Chand’s work is unlawful. The Rock Garden Chandigarh was unintentionally come across by Dr. S. K. Sharma, who led an anti-malaria group in the wood in 1973. Luckily, the government decided that the garden present form should be preserved due to its fascinating stone, rock, and scrap arrangement.

In 1976, the opening ceremony of the Rock Garden was officially launched. There is salary given for Nek Chand with the launch of the park as a public space. The construction of the garden includes personnel of 50 laborers and he was appointed as Sub-Divisional Engineer for the project. In 1983, an Indian postage stamp edition portrayed the garden.



A Scrap Kingdom

Chand’s idea of the heavenly kingdom of Sukrani was able to complete with the aid of the government. There is a sense of humbleness in the existence of royalty as visitors have to bow to enter the Rock Garden Chandigarh’s small entrance door. There are 14 different chambers in the miraculous kingdom with its surreal magnificent setting through its small doorway including natural rock forms in a forecourt, a hut and a pond in a musician’s chamber, a king’s throne and many others. Visitors will get the feeling of anxiety and nosiness at every turn when navigate a range of archways, entrances, lanes, and vestibules in diverse sizes to see every chamber. There are sculptures using materials if a mixture of industrial and urban waste and natural resources in the Rock Garden Chandigarh.