Raised Garden Beds For Vegetables And Fruits – Pros And Cons

For many centuries, raised garden beds is regarded as the most efficient way to grow the vegetables and fruits. It is a garden bed where the soil level is higher than the average ground. Make the vegetables is easy to water and care.  Most of people might regard that it has no obvious advantages related with what they offer.

Yes, we see that this method might be good for those with bad backs who feel no need to stoop just to care their crops. In real, there are abundant advantages you get from raised garden beds like the use of space more efficiently, improve the yield and drainage or even overcoming the pests and weed’s attack and still much more benefits you never imagine before. Well, the following are pros and cons raised garden beds to everybody!

planting vegetables in raised garden beds

planting vegetables in raised garden beds

Raised Garden Beds For Vegetables And Fruits Raised Garden Beds For Vegetables And Fruits

Improve Drainage And Soil

As we have mentioned above, having raised garden beds can improve drainage. Raised garden beds actually is designed not only to minimize the abnormal back case, but also designed for the native soil drains which is too quickly or too slowly that impact to the crops. It can work so well in clay soils although actually mix the soil to your own specifications could prevail. Beside that, having raised garden beds also can improve soil.

In the raised garden bed case,  the soil commonly higher to that in row garden because it will be avoided from gets stepped so that it does not get compacted. Loose soil is really good for plants, especially for vegetables and fruits which most of them have the weak root, which will be dead if crash the stone. You can also fill the composition of soil as you want to fine-tune the mix of amendments and fertilizer. Having raised garden soil indirectly teaches you the way to mix the best soil and fertilizer composition for your raised garden beds.

Potentially Disadvantages

Beside of pros sides, Raised Garden Beds also have the disadvantages. As we know for mixing the nutrients to the soil commonly done by worms inside the ground and it runs naturally, compare to the garden beds, the plants are placed in the beds which hamper the worm to come or even it is impossible for worms to do that task. Beside that, the root need more oxygen to grow and to get its self good taste, the beds will hamper the root movement.

Overall, implement Raised Garden Beds can be useful for you, especially if your yard isn’t too spacious, but you must consider the risk may happen or at least minimize the bad risk.