Plant Tomatoes In Buckets Growing Tips

There can be surprising results to plant tomatoes in buckets and it can be easier than growing by means of any other technique. Learn this some essential rules for flourishing bucket growing. Keeping them as cool as possible and well watered is important as it can truly blaze large pots and there is much warmer soil than in the ground when there are lots of hot summer heat climates.

Well drainage is the best design for potting soils but it will be important to hold water slightly longer in the summer so it can be a problem. You can solve this issue by adding a little compost to the pots. Though your plants may need more fertilizer as frequent watering may wash it out, it can endure longer time with a little amount of slow released fertilizer.

Plant Tomatoes In Buckets Growing Tips

Plant Tomatoes In Buckets Growing Tips

growing tomato plants in pots containers growing tomato plants in pots

Plant Tomatoes In Buckets Of Large Sized

The roots will develop healthier if there is more room for root when plant tomatoes in buckets. The crown part of the plant can grow larger this way. It is more than 2 feet across and 7 feet tall tomatoes can grow. That size plant can be accommodated using a whiskey half barrel sized bucket. There will be smaller plants with small pots leading to a lot less fruit and water to hold.

Add Compost

Add compost to the bucket just like when you plant to the ground. During the summertime, compost helps keep plants cooler and moist so it is the best material to plant tomatoes in buckets. Give your potting soil mix about a quarter of compost. You can also keep moisture in pots with mulch on top of the soil.

Make Sure To Fertilize On A Regular Basis

You will never overfeed if you add worm castings whenever you want when plant tomatoes in buckets for this purpose. This is similar to feeds and compost. Instead, Organic fertilizers are good option as they can stand between 7 weeks to 4 months and then you may add again. Check organic slow released fertilizers in your local gardening shops.

Do Not Let Water Drowning Plants

Your containers should use good potting soil and be wary when using trays under pots as they keep water and may sink the roots of the plants when the plant is small in the early part of the season if you give too much water. After rains, remove water out regularly. Every pot you plant tomatoes in buckets should have good drainage holes in them.

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