Elevated Garden Beds – How To Start

For those who love so much with gardening, garden beds sometimes become the essential way to breed and grow your crops. This is like a media to grow up your own plants, make them easy to treat and the plant will have possibility to grow faster. It is easy to do, even when your soil isn’t too fertile to be planted. General garden beds, raised garden beds or elevated garden beds, which one you want to choose isn’t important.

Raised garden beds is better because the soil inside might warms and dries out earlier  while regular garden beds might have longer time. Compare to the elevated garden beds, having this one at your garden not only able to fight roots and stones and keep the soil perfectly fluffy but also prevent the weeds might come.



elevated-garden-planters raised-planting-bed

Elevated Garden Beds Functions And Benefits

As we have mentioned above, elevated garden beds offer more benefits than general garden beds, the bed is designed higher than the general one, that’s why elevated garden beds is better and more protective from many disturbances outside. Allow the crops still safe and free away from people stepping. Standing water might damage your garden beds, but by having elevated garden beds, standing water outside beds never enter to the beds. This method actually has been developed for long ago and is still exist till now.

The beds can be ordered in many places, or order the design you want. So what’s material used inside?. The material used can be made from steel, aluminium, wooden or combination between them. Be sure that the material isn’t from iron since it is easily rust. Some of them can be designed with any vents. It is like a home roof that is also foldable. You can open and close the roof of the beds whenever you want. The roof is completed with plastic netting which avoid from insects which tend to damage your crops.

Media Used And Treatment

There are some media used for your elevated garden beds , black soil, red soil, stones, sand, make it like a hydroponic and soil or a self-watering planters. In term of treatment, using non chemical fertilizer since it doesn’t bring harms for your vegetables and fruits. Manual or automatic watering system is the same. But for those who have no enough time to care of your plants, automatic watering system is recommended.

We hope elevated garden beds information and tips above can inspire you all.