What is Companion Planting : Strategies And Tips

What is the companion planting? Did you ever do this one?. Companion planting is one of the most popular strategy done by most of farmers to improve their crops grow by close planting of the different plants. This method aims for protecting each other from pests. It is much used by most of farmers and the result is impressively, the dead plants caused by pests can be minimized.  Science informs us that some plants bully and sometimes kills others.

The certain plants can grow rapidly even it might take more than their fair share of nutrients, water and sun.  Some toxins might be appeared to kill other plants. Moreover when the dangerous pests come, it would be more dangerous for the main crops. Companion planting is the great way, since the companion plant is friendly enough to other.

Companion Planting  – Do Or Not

The only one reason why companion planting is necessary, at first because the farmer condition. If the soil is really resistant to the pest or other enemies might attack, you have to apply the companion planting strategies. It involves the different species of plant but they have to have the mutualism aspect. Never try to plant the enemies of the main crops, it precisely will destroy your field at all. Overall, the main consideration to determine whether this method is important or not, you must check by yourself whether the environment where your plants alive is safe, free of pests or not. If it is safe enough, the use of companion planting can be a later consideration.

Companion Planting Classification

There are some plants might be enemies and other are friends. So you need to consider what type of corps you want to plant, and what type of companion crops you want to plant beside of them. Here are the lists of companion planting and its enemies, check it out!

For example is a beet. Its companions is varying ranging from lettuce,  onion, bush beans and cabbage family.  While the allies is a Garlic which improves flavour and its grow. The beet’s enemies ranging from Pole beans , beets stunt.

The second example is beans. Its companion is varying, ranging from Chard, corn, strawberry, beet (to bush beans only), cabbage family, carrot, pea, celery, eggplant, cucumber, potatoes, radish.  Enemies: Garlic, onion and shallot stunt the growth of beans. Allies: Marigold prevent Mexican bean beetles.

So after you see the facts about companion planting above, are you ready to implement?