3 Tips For Raised-Bed Gardening – Easy Practice

Raise-bed gardening is one of popular method done by farmers, even if you want to make the same, it can be an alternative solution for you to plant without wasting more space.  This gardening method is regarded as the ideal solution for experienced gardeners and novice. Therefore, to get most out of your beds, follow this advice from the pros.




Raised-Bed Gardening By Testing Your Soil

A soil test is the earlier raised-bed gardening step you must do. It is done to identify what your soil has or lacks. This information is really necessary, especially if you want to begin building your soil. After that, you can also begin with plant mix. Be sure to prepare the mixture of compost, bark and peat moss. Indirectly,  it helps to give spoon-feed nutrients to their crops but  the mixes seem have no enough  mineral content and don’t supply all the nutrients needed by plants to grow. Providing a string mineral and organic will prevent the nutrients leech through the soil, consequently the plant can’t absorb their foods before a varying plant can use them.   As we know that having a good organic problem will reduce the need for fertilizer, that’s why soil building can be the most important aspect to do. Beside of that, make sure to consider  the pH level once you finish your soil test. For example, for tomatoes the need of PH might be neutral or prefer a slightly acidic, compare to blueberries which need an acidic soil to thrive well.



Plasticulture Works Well For It

What is it?. This is a new raised-bed gardening method where black plastics are placed over the soil and use it to plant crops well. Under the plastic, install dripped irrigation to give a good moisture.  It is done to decrease the need of soil weeding. This can be also done to improve the soil temperature in the months especially if you want to extend the season for temperature for the young crops. If you don’t want to use plastic, consider other homey items such as old carpet, leaf mulch, wooden planks, bark mulch to prevent weeds come.


The last Raised-bed gardening aspect should be considered is a solarisation. To get rid the growing soil borne pests, using a solarisation method is the best implementation to do.  Provide a large sheet of clear plastics held by any bricks, it will affect the increment of the soil temperatures that will impact to the weed’s destruction with their eggs, insects and other soil pathogens which potentially damage.