3 Tips For Successful Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening

Square Foot Gardening Definition

Square foot gardening actually is a dirt placed in a box with grids on top. At first it will be important for you to know the size of your box.  For the beginner use a 4×4 is advisable. Planning out your SFG well, no matter what will you want to write down, whether using excel or graph paper. Try to use the ingredients in the smaller level, it might need 1/3 Compost, 1/3 Vermiculite and also 1/3 Peat Moss. Provide at least 5 different kinds.  Prepare for 8 cubic feet for a 4X4 box.  For the composition, the best way to be economical is by composing your own compost.

square foot gardening planner

Type Of Veggies

Another square foot gardening tips to be considered is by determining how many flowers or veggies/herbs will be placed in a square foot. Normally it will consist of a 4×4 square box with grids on top dividing into 16 individual square feet. While for the crops, you can also plant 9 green beans, 4 lettuce plants, 16 carrots, or 16 onions, or a tomato plant in each square. In fact, if you are successfully plant the whole box of carrots, impressively you will harvest 256 carrots. Be sure not to place more than a tomato in each square,  each crop needs space to move freely to get enough oxygen and nutrients, unless they will be dead.building a square foot gardening box

Planting And Harvesting Party

Square foot gardening is a pleasure, you need to involve your families, since it will be useless if there will be only one who handle it.  The most difficult task is getting the best composition of the soil and dirt and makes your boxes ready is never done alone.  Involve your grandkids or neighboor not only for planting party but also for harvesting party.  Teach your child about this one and make them love to help. Make it fun and love gardening.