How To Protect Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture

All kinds of weather are easily repelled by teak used for decking or trim material thanks to its durability and beauty. Doors and outside furniture use teak as exterior window trim because it is one of the hardest woods in the earth. You can let teak age naturally by exposing to the weather without protection. To keep teak wood outdoor furniture looking fresh, particular products and regular treatment is required to preserve its original flaxen, honey or golden yellow color.

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Silvery Teak

On surface of teak wood outdoor furniture, there will be a silver, polished finish developed when left to weather on its own. This finish protects it from all types of climate situation performing as a coat on the wood. The teak won’t be harmed or damaged by weather during this effect so no protection is needed. You just need to remove outdoor dirt by routine dusting or cleaning with a gentle soap. Beach house or cottage decors are ideal for naturally worn teak. Cleaning and sealing it can simply transform its look back to its native coloring if you don’t want the battered look.

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About Teak

Grows natively in South Asia and Africa, teak or Tectona grandis is a solid, tough deciduous tree originated mainly in tropical climates. Teak wood repel water and humidity as it contains natural oils. Becoming breakable, warping, or cracking is not possible in teak wood outdoor furniture as its oils keep the hard, solid wood. Teak is an ideal wood to use outdoors because it resists termites, bug, and marine borers due to its technoquie, a natural rubber-resembling material. Make sure teak you buy is legal by looking the label from the Forestry Stewardship Council.

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Seal and shield teak from their grizzled effect and sunlight with a product intended specially to make the look of new teak. You can also stop mildew and mold development in humid or damp environment with this treatment. About two week, let your teak furnishings left under the sun to apply the sealer. The sealer will adhere well on the grain of the wood that is opened by the sun’s rays. Before applying the sealer, remove any debris from your outdoor furniture by dusting. Keep the area from overspray by laying a dropcloth under the teak wood outdoor furniture. After spraying a light coat with the sealer on the wood, rub using a clean rag into the wood. For complete protection, apply two layer of coat to the entire surfaces of the wood.

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Care and Cleaning

Use a teak cleaner product or gentle soap and water solution to wash the teak wood outdoor furniture after you wet the wood carefully. Use a light soft scrub brush or abrasive pad to scour extremely mucky or tainted areas. As you clean it, keep the wood damp and remove dirt by rinsing. Hard stains should use the same process twice. As the teak dries, its natural colors come up and lighten. For best result, repeat this process once a year.

Transparent Coat

Sand the teak surface gently and wipe away wood fragments. Use a clean cloth or rag to apply two light clear coats intended for teak wood. Allow the coat dry entirely between coats. Now you can place your teak wood outdoor furniture back in position.



You will likely pay lesser to buy furniture made of metal or other woods than teak wood furniture. A pressure washer can fade or break the teak wood so don’t use it when cleaning to protect your pieces. Varnish or other supplies not intended for teak should not be used as they flake and wear down with sun contact. There is no further protection to teak using them, and it takes countless sanding and time getting rid of varnish or polyurethane supplies. Oil encourages fungus and mildew development and doesn’t stop the teak from grizzled so do not use them on teak wood outdoor furniture.