Does An Animal Cell Have A Cell Wall? Here are some simple answers about it

The question like does an animal cell have a cell wall comes up into common people who have deep curiosity about animal cell. Actually, this is a simple question for experts in Biology. But, we will try to make it as simple as possible for common people. For your information, animal’s cell was actually evolving to be a cell wall. However, its cell changed into organ systems and tissues. Those cells are integrated each other between their physical and the cell itself. Therefore, they cannot evolve into cell wall properly. Moreover, some cell walls are removed by their system immune in order to give more protection in outside world.

Actually, does an animal cell have a cell wall can be simply answered with yes it did. We know that animal has their own unique skin which is different with human skin. The bacterial cell requires a wall to protect them from any elements on the outside. But, animal does not have any protection for those walls. If they had, of course they cannot move freely. You also need to know that the cell wall on human skin has to be integrated with other cell in order to strengthen the covering process. Unfortunately, animal does not have this capability on their cell. Meanwhile, plant does have.

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To give better explanation about does an animal cell have a cell wall, we need to elaborate the definition of cell wall. FYI, cell way is the strongest layer which usually covering a cell. It means that the cell wall is the protection of a cell. The location of cell wall is on the outer side of cell membrane. However, this protection has its own structure. Thus, it has a mechanism outside a mechanism. If you see the diagram, you will understand how the structure between cell wall and cell itself. The point is a cell can be protected by cell wall properly from some disturbances from outside.

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Cell wall is usually found in plants mechanism. Moreover, it is also found at algae and archaea. They usually use cell wall to physically protect their main cell. Meanwhile, protozoa and animals have no cell walls in their mechanism. Let us imagine that we and those animals have cell walls, the texture of our skin could be rigid and heavy. Consequently, this immovable skin will make our body cannot move. In other words, it will remove our ability to move. We hope it will answer does an animal cell have a cell wall question.

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