The diagram of labeled animal cells

Today, we will discuss about the diagram of labeled animal cells. We know that cells are the smallest living organism in this entire world. If you think animal and plant has the same cells, you are definitely wrong. Yeah, both of them do have the same cell organelles, but some of them are technically different. In other words, not all of animal cells are the same with plant cells. The answer will be founded in this article because I will give you the diagram in order to make better explanation. It will help you to understand what cells are belonging to animal.


Firstly, plasma or cell membrane is one of the most popular labeled animal cells that founded by human. However, this membrane is also founded on the animal cells. The difference is only at the form of the membrane. For your information, animal membrane is more flexible rather than the plant. Usually, this cell is made of proteins and lipids. Then, it will cover the other cells to be one constituent. On the outer environment, this membrane will move freely and separate with the environment unlike the plant cells which more constant. Moreover, this cell also will pass the interior parts with its flexibility.

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The second diagram of labeled animal cells is cytosol or we usually called it as cytoplasm. The form of cytoplasm is like a jelly and filling out the membrane with fluid texture. For your information, the cytoplasm is derived from nutrients which usually found at sugars, enzymes or salts. The function of cytosol is to help other materials to get outside the cell. The process of this activity is well-known as cytoplasmic streaming. Moreover, the function of cytoplasm is not only to support but also to protect the form of the membrane. It usually works with cytoplasmic filaments.

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Cell Nucleus

This is another cell that is labeled animal cells and plant cells. You need to know that the true nucleus is happening between animal and plant. The shape of cell nucleus is spherical. Because of this shape, the cell nucleus is easy to help the nuclear membrane in the process of DNA and nucleoplasm. If you do not know what the nuclear membrane is, you must know about cell membrane, right? The double-sized membrane is what we called as nuclear membrane. See the first cell for better understanding. The cell nucleus also helps the protein synthesis of the animal. It is such kind human brain that connected with the body.

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You must differentiate between cell nucleus and nucleolus as labeled animal cells. Both of them are different part of the cell. If cell nucleus is one constituent, nucleolus is centered under the nucleus. FYI, it consists of DNA, RNA and protein. So, this is the main part of cell nucleus. Please remember the different guys. So, what is the main function of nucleolus? This part of cell has been functioned as the filter of the ribosomes. Sometimes, it has also dominant role for RNA synthesis process. It is clear that the cell nucleus is different with nucleolus.

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