Best Ideas for Tropical Landscaping

If you are living in a tropical area, it will be amazing if you have tropical landscaping at your yard. This landscape is very popular these days. The tropical design also suits with any backyard space or size obviously. It depends on your demand. If you think it is too small for tropical design, you can decrease the features such as fish pound, pool or anything that really eat your yard’s size or space. This landscape typically relies on the colorful flowers and plants and stone or concrete floor above. You can change it into sands flooring if you need something different such as Tropical Island.

Tropical Themes

Yep, the name of this tropical landscaping is Tropicali based on the site. For your information, you can adopt some tropical themes from Bali as one of the best tropical islands in the world. The landscape will be full of colorful colors such as yellow, orange and green. The tropical foliage won’t be far away with such colors for sure. You need to make a deal with the nature in order to gain the tropical theme like Bali. Flowers should be the focal point of your garden or backyard. Therefore, play with their color will make you nearly get the theme properly.

Raise the mysterious feel

Another idea for tropical landscaping is by raising the mysterious impression for your guests or visitors. It is very easy to gain that impression. Buy some bamboo on the plant market and consider the length which adequate for your garden or yard. After that, arching them all as your entrance is the next step that you have to do. I believe that people will be easily attracted to come to your landscape. I prefer to use Mexican bamboo here, but it regards where you are living now. The point is you will reveal the best landscape slowly to your guest.

Living Palette

Yep, you must use living palette for your tropical landscaping. It is necessary because to give bolder theme for your garden obviously. How to do that? It is very easy. You just remember this formula. Mix and match your big plants with others foliage. I recommend with many colorful flowers here. For example, the butterfly bush can be combined with philodendron and other yellow plants as the palette. With these flowers, the people will get the point that your garden theme is tropical plants. In addition, your palette has also textured very well with the combination.

Natural Sounds

Your tropical landscaping will never be complete if there are no natural sounds. The sounds here refer to the bird’s tweet, water from the rock and something like that. Moreover, it is also adding natural feel for your garden obviously. Some recommendations here are bird tweeting and water’s sound. You can gain some birds by providing high tree such as bamboo. For the water, just build a well or mini-pool which have natural stone in the middle. The most appropriate example is a fountain in the middle of your backyard or garden. That makes a bolder theme of tropical place for sure.