Refinishing Vintage Rattan Garden Furniture

The vintage rattan pieces can be worthy restoring because it may be hard to find fresh, quality rattan products due to its growing scarcity. Rattan can become damaged like any vintage furniture though it is very sturdy. You can enjoy functional and decorative use for years by refinish it in particular ways if your rattan garden furniture, table, chair, or chest are damaged or dull.

Treating and washing

When old rattan is well cared for, it ages beautifully. Use a soft cloth to rub the rattan garden furniture with mixture of water and the suds of a gentle cleaner to redo disused rattan. Damaging and cracking the fiber can be avoided by wetting it with only the suds. Any dirt or filth trapped in the pleat of curled areas and joints can be extricated by using a soft toothbrush. No less than weekly dust the cleaned rattan and rub good quality lemon oil sporadically to keep it from lack of moisture.

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Removing stain and maintenance

It is unattractive to see rattan piece that is faded or damaged, but care allow it to be spot-repaired. For more difficult renovation, a rattan expert is the best solution. You can blend in a small bit of new stain with shoe polish over stained rattan to gently rub worn or exposed spots. Unlike old wood furniture, rattan garden furniture should not be stripped out. Stripping might damage and splinter the fibers. In its place, a flawless, smooth new finish will be made by a rattan crafter that imitate or intensify the previous color that blends new parts of stain.



It is not always in good condition with older rattan garden furniture. Consider painting them if there are appealing and durable chairs and tables require a makeover. Use vinegar and water mixture to quickly clean down very grimy pieces, and straight away dry them. Apply wood filler in any cracks or holes. Before painting, fasten slack part and wrappings at connections with glue and then spray spray-painting the pieces after applying some coats of oil-based primer.

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