How To Clean Artificial Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Only easy maintenance is needed to clean artificial wicker furniture. It takes much of the labor out of caring PVC, resin, fake or artificial wicker outdoor furniture. Dust buildup and many spills are repelled by its solid, smooth surfaces. You just typically need gentle, ecologically aware cleaners and negligible labor maintaining the furniture. Giving more time to enjoy your furniture’s soothing convenience, it is easy to complete the job quickly with just the garden hose or a bucket of water. There is no need the regular tasks needed to preserve natural wicker to keep a natural look in simple way.


The cushions or other fabric seat covers should be taken out before cleaning wicker outdoor furniture. Read the care tags to clean them separately. Put them back on furniture after you let them dry entirely. Use soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner to get rid leaves and other dirt stuck amid wicker strands. Use paper towels to clean away any loose buildup dust.

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Create mixture of liquid detergent and warm water solution. Apply the solution throughout all components of the furniture and brush gently to remove dirt with the soft brush. Use the sponge and foamy water to gently brush all parts. Use fresh water from a hose or bucket to wash wicker outdoor furniture completely. Use a towel, cloth, or small sponge with a slight amount of a heavy-duty cleaner to Spot-clean weaken marks, oppressive stains and spots. Avoid hard rub yet gently instead repetitively until you cannot see stain. Use fresh water to rinse completely. Mold marks could be spot-cleaned in the same way.

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Before placing wicker outdoor furniture back in use or stowing it, you should air-dry the piece entirely. Instead of under intense sun, it is best to place under filtered sunlight or partial shade to dry it. To prolong the gap between washings, clean metal material or resin with a thin layer of car wax.

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