Homemade Wooden Garden Benches

Nearly every backyard has wooden outdoor seating. There are simple, three-piece designs while others may have classic old design. There are kits bought with all the parts needed or try to build wooden garden benches from scratch with materials scavenged from around neighbors. Add character to any outdoor setting with this homemade piece.


Construct small wooden garden benches comparable to a picnic table bench or a deck from pressure-treated lumber with a cordless screw gun and a saw. Make sure it has simple but sturdy design. Construct the legs with two rectangles and make sled-base bench by fasten lumber across the top or create the legs with the traditional X pattern. Pressure-treated studs may allow you to make an octagonal bench circling a tree stub.

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Coarse Log

A home improvement store or a lumber yard sells rough lumber blanks. Visit a sawmill if there is nowhere to find. There are the outer layers of trees in lumber blanks. It is flat on one side, while there may be softly rounded and a coarse look on the other side. Nearly any weather can stand this tough type of lumber. Create into a bench top around 38 inches lengthy and two legs around 18 inches high by cutting the blank with a chainsaw. Into the underside of the seat, cut 2 dadoes with the chainsaw. Make a basic, altar-type wooden garden benches seat by fitting the legs into the dadoes.

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Adirondack chair

One of the most renowned seats everywhere is perhaps this conventional outdoor chair. There are broad armrests with an imbalanced plank back. It has steadiness and comfort designed to sit on ground that is not level. Eucalyptus, maple, spruce or any other kind of wood is material used to make this chair, but for weather-proof, steady properties, cedar is the common option. You can paint these wooden garden benches or stain them in a deep red color when they are constructed from cedar

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