Care Of Teak Outdoor Dining Set

Your teak pieces will turn to silver-gray colors from gold over time if not protected. Without weakening, and renewability, its ability to withstand natural elements and beautiful color make many people adore teak. High-quality teak furniture come from the clear, long planks with few knots of 150-year-old teak trees from largely plantation. Teak is extremely sturdy and requires slight maintenance nothing like many other wood products. For many years, your teak piece will maintain its look with suitable care and cleaning. An old teak outdoor dining set might also be repurposed into an interior table. All design and style can be used to make teak.

Moisture and Sunlight

The teak surface look will turn to a duller silver-gray from shiny gold due to the indirect or direct exposure to the sunlight in a dining room. This coloring is normal due to the surface-oil evaporation and does not point out weakening in the wood. Around six months of contact to the sun will make untreated wood show full graying. Applying sealer after cleaning the teak outdoor dining set will allow you to restore the golden sheen. The moist climate of Southeast Asia is the origin of teak, and the wood may be influenced by the change to North American moisture. To avoid cracking, distortion, or splitting, quality teak is kiln-dried, so you can extend the life of your teak in addition to all various wood furniture by providing your home a humidifier.

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You can clean the surface of the teak outdoor dining set with a combination of mild soap or liquid dish-washing soap and water. Or, you can also try mixture of detergent and warm water. Remove hard dirt with a soft scrub brush and use clear water and damp water to rinse the surface. Apply wood sealer after the piece is completely dry. Don’t overprotect when cleaning the piece but as necessary instead. The table will only need to be sealed once every year.

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Surface Protection

During family mealtime, it is best to use a tablecloth and table pad on the surface Even though teak is a hardwood. Or, for coffee break or the special snack, add padded place mats. You can mark the surface with sharp pencils on paper during homework or craft sessions so a sturdy cardboard underlay should be used. Non-breathable covers or plastic may encourage fungus and mildew development on your teak outdoor dining set so avoid these.

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Your teak outdoor dining set does not need to use teak oil to polish. Teak oil is a mixture of light stain and other substance, not oil-of-teak. You should not oil teak Indoor furniture especially food surfaces for example dining room tables. By lessening the air impending in contact with the wood or oxidation on the surface, you can protect the golden color with a teak sealer.

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The best Outdoor Teak Dining Sets

To entertain outside, teak outdoor dining set range from stretched, 13-piece long sets to 3-piece small bistro sets. The variety of pieces results to the listed sets. As the table counts as one of the pieces, it is always listed as an odd number. If you want to place your dining set on your patio or deck, an essential factor to consider is the measurement lengthwise of the table.

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You can find some standard shapes of dining tables, rectangular, circle, square, and oval. Teak is extremely durable that is another unique benefit of teak outdoor dining set over patio furnishings made from other products. This is why those who can’t manage to purchase brand-new garden furniture each year should choose this material. To offer a wonderful surface, after having been kiln dried, grade A Teak is lightly sanded.

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